We’re changing to a greener refrigeration gas

Ahead of new legislation, we’re changing the refrigerant gas used in our water dispensers to a greener alternative.

By 2022 the use of Fluorinated gases (F-gases) in new products in the UK and EU will be banned. These gases can stay in the atmosphere for centuries and are linked to the greenhouse effect.

We take our social corporate responsibility seriously and are committed to doing whatever we can to protect the environment. So, we’re taking action now to remove these gases from all of our products.

Our testing and evaluations team expect to have made the transition to the greener R600 gas by early next year, with full production starting mid 2021. Customers can expect the same superior chilling and quality customer service they currently enjoy from Borg & Overström.

If you have any questions about this change, or any of our products, please contact our accounts team.

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