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Grizzly Bear Coffee visit Borg & Overström headquarters

This week, we were lucky enough to be visited by the Grizzly Bear Coffee team (A Chevington Coffee and Water Services brand), here at the Borg & Overström headquarters, in Norfolk. Grizzly Bear Coffee is an intense, rich espresso blend, that Chevington Coffee and Water Services offer to complement their fantastic range of coffee machines.

We provided the staff with a tour of the offices, visiting our production, operations, finance, marketing, and sales departments. The Grizzly Bear staff particularly enjoyed visiting our Borg & Overström showroom, as it offered them the opportunity to get to grips with our products, their unique selling points and placement within the market, as well as understand the mechanism behind them, the Direct Chill system.

Many water systems chill water gradually over time, and store it in a container. The Direct Chill system takes water directly from the supply source, and chills it in a coil on its way to the dispenser faucet. This ensures your water is fresh, and reduces the impurity levels in your water. The cornerstone of our Direct Chill system is our Direct Chill coolant coil. This device uses environmentally friendly gas to chill to a sub-zero temperature. The coolant coil is situated in an insulated tank, which is filled with water. You’d be forgiven for thinking that this is where your drinking water comes from, but this chilled water merely serves as a temperature regulator. The fresh filtered drinking water is situated in an entirely sealed pipe that passes through this chilled tank. It progresses through a seven-metre chilling coil and out to the dispense faucet, to provide you with fresh, chilled, and filtered drinking water.

As well as discussing the Direct Chill system, we examined the connection between coffee and water. Drinking water prior to drinking your cup of coffee, cleanses the palate before the first sip of coffee, so that you can fully appreciate the flavour, and filter out more intense flavours that may overpower the taste. Providing water alongside coffee in your workplace, office, or establishment not only improves the flavour and digestion of coffee, but also allows staff and guests additional hydration choice, this is why Chevington Services offer, not only a broad  and comprehensive range of coffee machines, but also water dispensers to complement refreshment offerings. 

Grizzly Bear Coffee is an intense, rich, espresso blend, with plenty of character and body. The Chevington Team introduced this Grizzly Bear Coffee to complement their fantastic range of coffee and water machines. Chevington Services Ltd is a well established market leader within the mains fed watercooler and coffee machine industry, and this is why they choose Borg & Overstrom products to complement their premium offering. They offer nationwide coverage within all sectors, business environments, and industries. Chevington Services have provided over ten years of high quality services and workplace hydration.

Borg & Overström are passionate about supporting and empowering our partners to achieve more, and this is why we so value their visits, academy days, and input. If you’re interested in partnering your refreshment offerings with Borg & Overström, or are interested in attending one of our academy days, contact us here, or send us a Facebook or Twitter message.

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners