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How are you getting on with the new naming system?

‘What’s in a name?’ Shakespeare famously asked.

Well, quite a lot actually, we think. Definitely enough to justify renaming all of our machines in our rebrand last year.

The renaming of our machines wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision. And it wasn’t exactly an easy decision to make. So many of our customers lived, ate and breathed by the Acis, the Classic, the Elite, the Sport, and the Unite.  Not to mention our premium water fountain, the FT40, and our beautiful undercounter water systems, the Boste BK and BZ Series ranges.

But we believed it was time to move on.  The old names were obscuring the Borg & Overström brand, and causing some confusion.  And confusion is not a characteristic that’s associated with the Borg & Overström brand: we stand for pure, unclouded clarity.

Plus, it made it more difficult for distributors to sell our water coolers to their customers.  End-users recognise the Borg & Overström brand as standing for excellence and quality, but they didn’t necessarily recognise, say, the Elite or the Unite.

So we hope you’re enjoying our newly christened range. And for the avoidance of all confusion, we have collated a table below for your reference.

Acis – b1

Classic – b2

Elite – b3

Sport – b4

Unite – b5

FT40 – f4

Boste BK Series – u1

Boste BZ Series – u2

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners