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How to always be helping – Always be closing is dead!

The ‘always be closing’ approach worked well in the 1980’s, but the modern sales person needs to adopt a different technique to ‘always be helping’ each customer.

The transparency and availability of the internet has made the buyer far more aware of a product or service’s benefits. This means that strategies which involve pushing information at a buyer are less likely to create results.


Here are three questions to ask which will help you to ‘always be helping’:

Can you solve a prospect’s problem?

If you are presented with a problem which cannot be solved with your product or service then the prospect will neither want nor need to talk to you!

Where is your prospect in the decision making process?

There are three stages to this process – awareness is when your prospect knows they have a problem that needs solving.

Consideration is when your prospect is aware of their problem and is commit to spending time to create a solution.

The final stage is where the budget, authority needed, needs and timeframe is discussed.

Is it easy for the prospect to buy?

The process of buying is often as important as the purchase itself and prospects need to feel that they’re needs are understood. Once trust and confidence has been established they’ll be ready to commit.


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