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How to become a Borg & Overström distributor

Becoming a Borg & Overström distributor is an exciting opportunity to join one of the world’s finest water system providers. Unlike many companies, who see distributors simply as business partners, we strive to integrate our distributors into the Borg & Overström family, and maintain a strong relationship together.

Being an effective distributor is not just about both parties going about their business separately; by working together, Borg & Overström and our distributors work together to perform at the highest level. We aim to achieve this by providing key training and workshops to our distributors.

This is one of the founding principles behind the Borg & Overström academy, a place where distributors are provided with extensive training and knowledge to enable them to thrive. Here, everything you could possibly need to become a highly successful Borg & Overström distributor is readily available, ensuring you can benefit from our extensive industry knowledge and experience.

Overview of the academy

Becoming a successful distributor entails targeting and perfecting a number of different areas of the overall process. At our academy workshops, distributors will learn to focus on four key areas that are crucial to success – brand, sales, product training, and service. This equips our distributors with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide a fantastic service to their customers.

Brand training

Our brand training workshops ensure all of our distributors truly understand everything about Borg & Overström, such as our values and beliefs, our history, and what we aim to provide to our customers. This is an important part of the training process as it ensures everyone is working from the same page, and providing the same high standard to all customers.

Sales training

Sales are a vital part of being a distributor, and this workshop aims to maximise your potential. Here, distributors will learn from industry experts and experienced sales professionals on many of the most important things to know in this area. As well as the finer points of sales technique, longer term strategy is also taught to help distributors stay busy and successful throughout the year.

Product training

As someone representing the Borg & Overström brand, being aware of the finer details of our products is absolutely crucial. At our product training workshops, distributors will understand the special features of each model, and gain an in-depth understanding of how all of our products work. This dedication to knowing the product will shine through when speaking with potential customers, and show that you are enthusiastic about what you do.

Service training

As a part of the commitment to being a distributor, it is also necessary to understand how each model can be installed and serviced. At the service training workshop, we cover every single phase of the process from installation to maintenance so that you are fully equipped to deal with all customer requirements.

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