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Safety and function – how to check your CO2 cylinders

Answering your questions on canister safety, function and maintenance

I have some CO² canisters and am not sure if they are still usable. How can I check?


If the black rubber seal is intact, the cylinders are safe to use. If the black rubber seal has been removed, there is a chance that the cylinder could be spent or partially spent. To check the pressure level in the cylinder, please see the explanation below.

I have some CO2 cylinders but am not sure if they are spent. How can I check if they are still pressurised?


The quickest way to check if your CO2 cylinder is spent is to simply pick it up and shake it. If a cylinder is spent, the valve will rattle freely, as it won’t be under pressure. It will sound like a metallic rattle. If you’re still not sure, fitting a pressure gage to the top will give you an accurate pressure level. 

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