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How to close tough customers in sales

We’ve all been in the situation where it seems impossible to close a sale with a tough customer. In the perfect world, all prospects would be ready to buy from you the minute you meet, but unfortunately that very rarely is the case!

While you can’t control the actions of your prospect, you do have control of your reactions. Here are 5 ways to close deals with difficult prospects:

Get real commitment

Try asking if the customer is committed to buying your product or service. This will show how serious the customer is to solving their needs they’ve told you about.

Understand top objectives

By asking a customer their top priorities for the next 6 or 12 months, this will create a sense of urgency with even the most non-committal of customers.

Be firm

Frustration with a difficult customer will only waste an opportunity. Instead commit to standing your ground and don’t take anything personally!

Talk about their challenges

Getting a customer to talk about their challenges, problems and even colleagues will help them to open up – to help you gauge how much you can help them.

Match style and tone

By matching the tone, pace and language strength, you will keep their attention for longer and win their respect too.

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