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How to find a part in 3 clicks

How to find a part on our webstore using our new search system


Starting at our website,, you begin the search for your part of choice by clicking the store hyperlink at the top of the page, or the basket to the top right. Once selected, you will be taken to our trade store which will grant access to our new search system. 

By clicking the search button on the top right-hand corner of the screen, you will then be taken to a new menu. From here, you can search for any product or part you are looking for. If the dropdown results do not contain your specific product or part of interest, select “See all items” for all relevant parts. 

You can now filter even further. For example, if you were searching for a solenoid for a B3.1 unit, your results can be narrowed to this end. 

Our new search system works exclusively for our store, so you do have to ensure you have loaded it within our store before attempting to search for anything. Search results are filtered by keywords used relating to the product’s name or description. Confirm the accuracy of your results by double-checking against that product’s part number. Login to our store to see a product’s price and full description. 

If you have any other queries concerning our parts, products or webstore, don’t hesitate to see our Learning Centre, or get in touch

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