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How to increase your sales without working harder

Some of the most successful sales persons implement a strategically laid back approach to sales that helps them close more sales. So how do they do it?

Just sell
How many tasks on your to-do-list are just excessive duties or “busy work” that waste your time? Close more sales than you ever have before by simply delegating everything that is not “actually selling” to someone else and focus 100% of your energy on closing more sales than you ever have before.

Say goodbye to low-level buyers
Start selling at a higher level than you are now. Aim for ideal prospects who have decision-making power and the budgets to invest in your product or service.

Let the tiny fish go
To sell more by doing less, you absolutely must focus on the big fish. Big fish require vastly different amounts of work and effort so it is recommended that you refer tiny sales opportunities to someone else who will appreciate them.

Trade cold calls for referrals
If you really want to be successful, you must hold yourself accountable to asking for introductions all the time. Set a measurable goal for introductions each week and stick to it. Cold calls take time, they are more difficult and less effective than introductions.

With these four surprising tricks for selling more by doing less, what will you do differently in your own sales approach?

Remember: You’ll be left with free time to spend however you’d like.


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