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Kharanda Primary School – a new source of safe, clean water

Borg & Overström are very pleased to announce that we’ve had an update from Kharanda Primary School in western Kenya, who are one of the beneficiaries of our charity giving programme.

Kharanda Primary School caters for about 600 children. It was originally founded in 1974 and has educated many people since then, making a real difference in the lives of the local people, helping them to get ahead and to progress the community.

In 1985 , the community benefitted from a well being dug for general community use. This was a major step forward, cutting disease dramatically. This well continued to work until 5 years ago when some essential machinery for the well was stolen, and the community couldn’t raise the resource to repair it.

Since then, they have been drawing water from a shallow pit well, hand dug and open to the elements. There have been repeated outbreaks of waterborne diseases among the community, and the well itself is not safe, since children risk slipping into the water when they go to draw.

With our help, and the help of other partners, Kharanda have been able to raise the resource to rehabilitate their original well, to give the community access to safe, clean, pure water once more. We’re proud of what we’ve done to help, and we look forward to contributing more to this community.

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