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Likability: How likable people sell more water dispensers

Deep down, it’s a basic human desire to be liked.

We all have a subconscious desire to be one of those people who is enjoyable and easy to talk to, who makes you feel good about yourself and who you feel you can trust, even though you may have only known them a few minutes.

The great thing about this is, more likeable people are more successful. They influence us more, sell us their ideas more easily and we’re more likely to give them opportunities and orders.

So if you come across as a decent, likable person it’ll help you to close more and higher value deals.

The great thing is that likability is a learned trait – you’re not necessarily born with it.

So try the following 5 tips and see how many more water coolers you can sell as a result of it!

1. Similarity

As a general rule, we like people who like us, and we like people who are like us.

You might hate your customer’s guts, but part of being likable means you make the best of everyone.

We can all subtly mirror our customers’ behaviour. If they’re abrupt and down to business, then we can take a more to-the-point approach. If they are relaxed and friendly, they’d welcome the same from you. Even something as similar as subtly mirroring the way a prospect is sitting can help them to like you more.

2. Humility

We like people who are humble because they make us feel more important. You don’t have to write yourself off: simply going that extra mile to show your respect and courtesy for your customer will give a good impression.

As recommended by Dr Travis Bradberry, emotional intelligence coach: try inclining your head forward when you meet someone for the first time, indicating that you feel honoured to meet them. Acknowledge your faults and weaknesses, and don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.

3. Authenticity

Equally, we don’t trust people who are putting on a show. And let’s face it: we can all tell when someone isn’t being himself.

It takes courage to put yourself out there as you are, be genuine and show your weaknesses. And people respect this and like you for it.

4. Transparency

This is the ultimate trust-creating trait. If you can truly demonstrate that you are acting in your customer’s interest, even if in the short-term that harms your company’s interest, people respect you for it, and it’s a huge boost to a relationship to be assured there’s no hidden agenda.

5. Humour

And lastly – humour is what makes us human. If we can share a laugh with a client, on a professional basis, that makes a relationship much stronger, because customers begin to associate positive feel-good emotions with us. Which is only good news as far as our sales goes!


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