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Make hydration even easier with our range of bottles

Readily available fresh water can work wonders in the workplace or out and about for many different reasons. Not only is it a great way to refresh and rejuvenate you and your employees, but it has also been linked to improving a wide array of cognitive and physical factors including focus, energy and endurance.

Borg & Overström specialise in providing you with the freshest, coolest water possible with our extensive range of quality water coolers and dispensers. Additionally, with our range of bottles you can save a trip to the water cooler and enjoy fresh water wherever you are. We have an array of sports bottles for active individuals as well as glass swing-top bottles that look perfect in the workplace.

There are many excellent benefits to trying out our bottled range. Not only are they very stylish and aesthetically pleasing, but practically they offer many advantages.                              

Introducing you to our bottle range

Borg & Overström provide an array of bottles to suit your needs. Our range of sports bottles are the perfect way to have fresh water with you when you need it most. Whether you’re working out or simply want a reliable drinking bottle on you when travelling, our sports bottles are a convenient and simple hydration solution.

In addition to our sports range, our glass swing-top bottles are a favourite with professional organisations. These bottles are made from high-quality glass and add a touch of class to any environment. Coming in 500ml and 750ml sizes, they provide immediate access to fresh water, making them perfect for meetings, conferences and exhibitions.

Never go thirsty

Unfortunately, you can’t take your Borg & Overström water cooler with you wherever you go! To get around this, simply fill up your bottle with our fresh water and have it with you at all times. If it’s a bit of walk to the cooler from your desk, save yourself a trip by filling up your bottle; or if you’ve got a long commute home, you can rest assured that you’ve got fresh, cold water available when you want it.

Be cost-efficient

Purchasing bottled water when you’re out and about can be pricey. Why spend all that money when you have a Borg & Overström water cooler providing you with the cleanest, coolest water around? With one of our bottles, you can have as much water as you need at only a fraction of the price.

Find the right size for you

If you don’t really enjoy having your bag full, you can opt for one of our smaller bottles. The Activ mini sports bottle at 350ml is a compact sports bottle that won’t take up all the space in your bag. However, those looking for a larger bottle can choose from our 750ml range, perfect if you plan on a long workout. If you want something right in the middle, we also provide 500ml size bottles offering a blend of compactness and volume.

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners