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Meet the team – Annie Hatley

What sets Borg & Overström apart from the competition, and helps to make our products unique, is our strong sense of culture. We know that the success of our products and our business relies wholeheartedly on the people at the centre of our organisation.

It’s safe to say we are pretty proud of each person within the Borg & Overström team. Their unique skills and personalities are what help us to achieve above and beyond, and also what makes working here so much fun. Today, we’re going to be chatting with our marketing executive and copywriter, Annie. 

Hello Annie, firstly, tell us about your history with Borg & Overström and the path you have taken to arrive where you are today

Hello, I’ve been at Borg & Overström since November 2016, I work in the marketing department, as a copywriter and marketing executive. I am from a little market town called Great Dunmow, in Essex. I moved up to Norwich to attend university, and I decided to stay up here after graduating. 

What did you do before joining us?

Prior to joining Borg & Overström, I worked as a commissioning editor for The Stationery Office, which is a publishing company that produces legislation, select committee reports, and the Gazettes, amongst other publications. As my time there progressed, I found myself getting more and more involved with the marketing team, as I enjoyed the creativity and potential of this area. 

Why did you decide to work with Borg & Overström?

As I said in my previous answer, I really enjoyed the marketing elements of my previous role. When I saw the role of copywriter advertised, I thought it perfectly fitted my skills and my ambitions. I researched the company, and was impressed by the products and the ethos of the organisation.

What does a typical day look like for you at Borg & Overström?

As cliché as it may sound, there’s no such thing as a typical day for me here! I manage our social media accounts, as well as producing blog posts and general marketing content on a daily basis. Our team often come up with great ideas and suggestions, so I also spend time investigating and working on these.

How would you describe working within the Borg & Overström culture?

The culture at Borg & Overström is unlike anywhere I have worked previously. The company ensures staff are motivated and appreciated, recognising achievements and encouraging growth and development wherever possible.

What is different about working with Borg & Overström over other teams?

The teams at Borg & Overström work very closely with each other, I’ve never worked anywhere where people’s personal and professional values are so closely aligned.

Tell us about one instance of professional experience which you’ve really valued while working here

Towards the end of last year, I was lucky enough to attend one our academy days, at our academy centre in Manchester. I found the experience really insightful, and learned a great deal, not just about Borg & Overström, but also about sales, branding, and watercoolers. It was a fantastic experience, and one that I would definitely recommend.

Tell us about a recent success in your role that you are particularly proud of

I have been at the company for around four months now, and I’m really proud of the content we’ve produced together. Our social media following has grown a great deal, and I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to communicate with our customers via these channels.

In your opinion, what is the single most important aspect of a successful team?

It’s hard to pick just one! I would probably say, recognising the strengths and interests of each individual team member, as well as knowing how they work best. Once you have this knowledge, you can ensure your colleagues are doing what they are most passionate about, which will reflect in the quality of the work you produce. 

Which of the Borg & Overström values do you love to see emulated in your colleagues?

Our values here at Borg & Overström, are collaboration, vision, passion, excellence, and trust. I think these values naturally complement each other; if you have the vision and passion, you can instill trust in your team, which leads to collaboration and excellent results. I love to see how passionate everyone is here at Borg & Overström, the team shares a vision and dedication which is reflected every day in the work that they do.

What is your personal favourite Borg & Overström product?

I really appreciate the versatility and reliability of the b4. You can install this as a countertop product, or as a floor-standing product, and you can pick from chilled, sparkling, ambient, or hot water.

In your opinion, what sets Borg & Overström products apart from other workplace refreshment solutions?

I think Borg & Overström products look and feel like high quality, you can always tell when you’re using or looking at a Borg & Overström water dispenser. We test and use Borg & Overström water coolers in the office, and we know that if we’re entirely satisfied and confident with them, our customers will be also.

How would the rest of your team describe you?

I dread to think! No, I’m joking. I’d hope that my team see me as a colleague that is always willing to help out, and take people’s opinions on board. They probably also see me as a bit of a coffee fiend!

What is one thing about yourself that might surprise them, and us?

I actually have a degree in Psychology! Which is a slight departure from marketing, but does come in handy when considering how people think and like to receive content. 


We asked Marketing Executive, Nat Wigley, about Annie, and he had this to say, 

Annie joined us in November last year, and has skyrocketed our quality of content, and our returns from social media have been on a rapid incline too. It’s rather brilliant that awesome content can be crafted by Annie from just a brainstorm. Her abundance of mindmaps certainly show that each piece is thought through!”


Thank you, Annie. We’ve enjoyed chatting with you today.

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