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Meet the team – Claire McLaren

What sets Borg & Overström apart from the competition and helps to make our products so unique is our strong sense of culture. We know that the success of our products and our business relies wholeheartedly on the people at the centre of our organisation.

It’s safe to say we are pretty proud of each person within the Borg & Overström team. Their unique skills and personalities are what help us to achieve above and beyond, and also what makes working here so much fun. We’d love you to meet some of us – up today a member of our customer service team, Claire…


Q. Hello Claire! Tell us about your history with Borg & Overström and the path that you have been on to get you where you are today.

A. Hello! As one of the newest members of the team, I feel that I have been so lucky to end up in the position that I have. I recently graduated university and found myself at a little bit of a loose end when it came to work. I’ve only ever worked in hospitality so the idea of an ‘office job’ was completely new to me and something I couldn’t wait to try. When I first started the idea of working in such a successful team seemed a little bit daunting as there seemed like so much work, all things I’d never done before. However, the friendly team eased me in and I’m yet to have had a day that I haven’t enjoyed!


Q. What did you do before you came here?

A. Before starting at Borg & Overström I was at university. I had been studying for the past four years, working in cafés and restaurants while I was on holiday. Before I left for university I had the odd job working in a supermarket and other various hospitality roles, but I have never felt like any of my roles were particularly stimulating before starting at Borg & Overström.


Q. Why did you decide to come and work with Borg & Overström?

A. Once I had finished university I found myself with a lot of free time. I’m lucky enough to have my sister work at Borg & Overström, and she asked me to come in and help her out for a couple of days as the admin team were so busy. Since I walked through the doors I haven’t looked back!


Q. What does a typical day look like for you at Borg & Overström?

A. I don’t think there is a ‘typical day’ working at Borg & Overström. Each day holds something different and brings new tasks and challenges. One thing that remains the same throughout each day is the constant motivation the team gives each other and the shared desire to succeed. The positive attitude and the importance of teamwork is always something that you will find within Borg & Overström.

That said, my usual tasks will include processing orders, general administration tasks, and answering the phones. I believe my most important role is being one of the first points of contact for our customers, ensuring they receive the best possible service each time they call.


Q. How would you describe working within the Borg & Overström culture?

A. Working within the Borg and Overström culture is unlike any job I have ever had before. The sense of teamwork that is instilled within this company is something that I think every company could learn from. The friendly atmosphere that surrounds Borg & Overström is such a pleasure to be part of.


Q. What in particular is different about working with Borg & Overström over other teams?

A. Due to the fact that this is the first job I have had in this type of environment, I don’t really think I can compare it to other teams. However, it is completely different to any team I have ever worked with. I love the fact that everyone works together to achieve one goal. Each individual that works for Borg & Overström is completely dedicated to reaching the end target as quickly and as well as possible.


Q. Tell us about one instance of professional experience, for example training, which you’ve really valued while working at Borg & Overström.

A. I feel like I have really benefitted from the amount of training I have received on sales processing, especially considering it is a role that I have never held before. There is always someone willing to help, no matter what the question may be. I feel completely confident that should an issue or query arise, there will always be someone willing to help, whether it be through email, or through formal training.


Q. Tell us about a recent success in your role that you are particularly proud of.

A. Since converting to the customer service team, I feel much more involved in the success of reaching sales targets as a company. Each day we can see how many orders we have processed and how much our hard work in getting orders onto the system helps reach each target that is set out for the whole team. We recently reached our best month ever for sales, and I am particularly proud to know that my hard work and effort contributed to that.


Q. In your opinion, what is the single most important aspect of a successful team team?

A. I don’t believe there is one single aspect – I think working as a successful team requires each and every individual to be willing to work hard in order to reach the team goals. I see each person within our company as many small cogs working in a big machine, and the minute one cog slows down or stops, the whole machine starts to malfunction. I believe that within Borg & Overström each person is as important as the next and I feel that this shows within the company.


Q. Which of the Borg & Overström values for you love to see emulated in your colleagues?

A. I love to see the sense of culture and teamwork; I love feeling part of something great! The constant positive feedback we get as a team and a company really spurs me on to work even harder to become even better each and every day.


Q. What is your personal favourite Borg & Overström product?

A. Personally my favourite product is the b5. I think it looks so professional, so sleek and so smart. Admittedly, I think this about all of the products we provide – but I have to say, the b5 really steals the show for me.


Q. In your opinion, what sets them apart from other workplace refreshment solutions?

A. The individuality of the machines! They are unlike any water cooler I have ever seen. They take the standard water cooler and raise the game completely. I think seeing a Borg & Overström product within any work space makes it look so up market. The many different variations we provide also set our products out from the crowd. We take pride in every single machine that goes out of the doors and I think this can be seen within the feedback we receive from our customers.


Q. How would the rest of your team describe you?

A. I would like to hope that my team would describe me as hard working, willing to learn, helpful, and fun. I enjoy coming to work every day and I hope that reflects in the efforts I put into my job on a daily basis. I love the emphasis that is put on teamwork and I hope that my enthusiasm to succeed is easy for others to see!


Q. What is one thing about yourself that might surprise them (and us!)?

A. After speaking to the rest of the team, we have established that I don’t really have any surprising facts about myself… Apart from the fact that I love musicals and have taught myself to place the ‘cup song’ which seemed to surprise everyone!

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