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Introducing MonoFit™; Easy-fit elegance with sophisticated font for T3 and T2 


We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, MonoFit™ drip tray which is designed to minimise work surface cutting, ensuring an easy and convenient installation. With just a small, standard-size, single service hole. MonoFit™ simplifies integration into any worktop. It is available with our T3 and T2 integrated drinking water tap dispensers. 

Effortless installation. 

Enhance any space effortlessly by combining a MonoFit™ drip tray with a premium T3 or T2 filtered water tap. MonoFit™ provides a versatile solution for simple, straightforward installation into virtually any material. The innovative, non-invasive design eliminates the necessity for specialised cutting, preserving expensive countertop materials such as marble or granite, whilst the non-destructive fixings maintain a secure, watertight seal with the surface below. 

One size fits all. 

Engineered with precision, the MonoFit™ font minimises countertop cutting by enabling all services to be seamlessly installed through a single, standard-sized hole. The simple, singular 60mm circular drill incision allows for swift installation with minimum disruption and down time, removing 90% less countertop material than a standard font. 

Simplicity at its best. 

Discreetly integrating into any countertop with a mere 16.5mm elevation, MonoFit™ elevates any kitchen or communal area with easy access to fresh, great tasting, filtered drinking water, whilst the antimicrobial touch panel provides peace of mind in communal areas. 

Upgrade in an instant. 

Providing a simple solution for upgrading previous integrated tap installations, the MonoFit™ versatile drip tray can be placed neatly over previously made cut outs, allowing a quick and easy upgrade to your filtered drinking water system with a T2 or T3 tap. 

We specialise in helping to find the right solution for our customers, so if you have any further questions or enquiries – please contact us – our expert staff are ready and waiting to answer your questions. You are also welcome to have a personalised demonstration of MonoFit™ drip tray by one of our sales team in our virtual showroom. 

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