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5 benefits of a holistic office coffee & water service

Coffee and water are complementary, mutually beneficial services that together are greater than the sum of its parts.

Here are five key benefits of adding a quality point-of-use (POU) water dispenser to your office coffee service.

  1. Reduces breaktime bottlenecks
    Queues at the coffee machine impact productivity and employee satisfaction. Time and again, we observe shorter queues due to the presence of a POU water dispenser.A POU helps divert traffic for cold water and hot water (tea drinkers) away from the coffee machine. This increases the availability of the coffee machine for coffee drinkers.It also reduces waiting time for employees by creating two shorter queues instead of one long one. For example, employees who take six drinks for colleagues in a tray can handle both machines in parallel for a faster dispense.
  2. Takes advantage of servicing synergies
    Both coffee machines and water dispensers need regular maintenance by a qualified technician. Servicing takes place every three to six months, depending on the type of appliances and how often they are used.Scheduled servicing of both coffee and water machines can be combined when commissioning both services from a single supplier. In addition, aligning re-stocking of supplies such as coffee and water filters can reduce delivery costs. It may even be possible to negotiate a preferential rental agreement.
  3. Encourages good hydration
    Water is essential for ensuring employees perform to their optimum physical and mental capacity. Even mild dehydration can affect mood, energy levels, and cognitive performance.We all know this, yet we will still delay getting up for water even if we feel thirsty. But we’ll always make the trip for coffee. Placing coffee and water machines together can therefore help encourage good hydration habits.
  4. Facilitates socialising
    Bumping into colleagues at the coffee machine or watercooler has many benefits. It makes us feel good because chemicals like endorphins are released into the body. Socialising in the workplace can also help improve employee engagement, fuel innovative thinking, and boost productivity.Combining coffee and water services increases the likelihood of different teams coming together and sharing ideas or solving problems together.
  5. Promotes microbreaks
    Studies have shown that microbreaks contribute to employee wellbeing, which is particularly important given the work culture for skipping lunch or eating at desks.Taking several short breaks throughout the working day can support wellbeing and increase productivity. This BBC article describes a mini-break as being “a few minutes away from your work; this may be chatting with someone who is in the room with you or getting a drink.”In addition, the physical activity of getting up from your desk to get coffee and water can help relieve the stresses of sitting. “Microbreaks are thought to help us to cope with long periods at our desks by taking the strain off certain body structures – such as the neck – that we’re using all day.”

Coffee for energy, water for hydration

Great coffee and filtered water are office perks that employees can’t do without. If you want to improve your in-office services with a holistic coffee and water service, get in touch or contact your distributor.

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