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What is BioMaster and how does it help protect your water dispenser?

A Borg & Overström expert carrying out a scientific test on microbes

Introducing the latest innovation in hygiene protection – BioMaster!

So… “what is BioMaster?” and “how does it work?” – don’t worry. We’re here to help you.

Borg & Overström is a design-led manufacturer of premium water systems, and has been for over 20 years. With hygiene and protection being the focus of today, our experience translates into three important facts for you:

  1. We know that hygiene and your protection matter
  2. We know the complete process; from design, to manufacturing, through to the very functionality.
  3. We know that by providing you with all the information, we can find the water system that best suits your needs.

In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about BioMaster, antimicrobial technology, and how Borg & Overström ensure that all their products are hygiene-assured.

It can be easy to get lost in the obscure terminology of business ‘insider’ language – but don’t worry!

To help dissipate those complex terms and clear the fog of complexity, you can find a list of key terms and their definitions below. This short list will help you navigate this article:

Antimicrobial – an antimicrobial agent kills and reduces the multiplication of any microscopic organism or microbe. These include all five major groups of microbes, which are: bacteria, viruses, fungi, archaeas and protists. 
Antibacterial – as the name suggests, antibacterial covers only the area of bacterial reduction and prevention. The specific act of bacterial prevention and removal can be called a distinct feature of an antimicrobial.
Silver ion technology – this is the main method by which BioMaster works. At its simplest, a silver ion is a microscopic compound which binds the outer wall of a bacterium and disrupts its ability to reproduce.
Masterbatch – is an additive used in the creation and treatment of plastics, usually to give a certain colour or (in this case) to impart certain qualities.

What is BioMaster?

BioMaster consists of a bespoke, microscopic additive. This additive is derived from the chemical element silver, which is a naturally-occurring antimicrobial.

BioMaster comes in three distinct forms: liquid, powder and masterbatch. There is no distinction between the three in how effective they are, as their use is only determined by the material of the product in question.

How does BioMaster work?

A preventative technology, BioMaster does not behave like an external disinfectant added to a surface of a separate entity, but is intimately woven into the product’s material during its creation.

BioMaster works opposite to any external disinfectant that might be added to a surface area. Purposed as a preventative, the antimicrobial qualities are woven into the product’s material during its manufacturing. BioMaster is, therefore, integrated within the product and is not a disinfectant spray applied post manufacture.

The additive is treated and applied via germ-sabotaging silver ion technology. This means that, after treatment, microbes that come into direct contact have their biological make-up weakened and are unable to reproduce and multiply into dangerous pathogens.

How effective is BioMaster?

Consistent tests on BioMaster have found that it can reduce the number of microbes on any surface by 99% in only 15 minutes. This hugely reduces the need for routine or per-use cleaning and disinfection; a massive benefit that saves time on maintenance.

How long does BioMaster last?

Simply, BioMaster lasts as long as the product itself.

Due to the integrated nature of BioMaster within the product itself, there is no corresponding “off switch” feature. BioMaster protection doesn’t leach and remains bonded to the product, providing continuous antibacterial protection.

Does Borg & Overström use antimicrobial technology?

Antimicrobial technology is a well-developed scientific field and is purposed to ensure user safety and hygiene protection.

But what does this mean for you?

Well, you will find antimicrobial technology is incorporated into all Borg & Overström products.

As BioMaster is the latest innovation that we utilise, it can only currently be found on the Borg & Overström B6. Moving forward, however, BioMaster will continue to be incorporated into more and more Borg & Overström products.

As part of our mission to deliver distinction in design, we see prevention as the best cure for user safety and watercooler maintenance. This means that when you use a Borg & Overström water system, you can be confident that every measure has been taken to ensure your safety and protection.

How is BioMaster integrated onto Borg & Overström watercoolers?

On the account of its versatility, BioMaster protection can be added to a huge range of products and can even be used in textile, paper, paint, or coating.

Borg & Overström utilise BioMaster via masterbatch, and can be found in the front, or user-facing panel, on the outer shell of a floorstanding or countertop water dispenser.

As a powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial, BioMaster provides a protective layer integrated within the creation of our water dispensers, but for the best hygiene protection, some maintenance is still required.

Working best in tandem with an established cleaning regiment, BioMaster should not be a one-stop solution. Hygiene protection is vital for end-user safety, and so, cleaning maintenance is still required to ensure there are no harmful bacteria – BioMaster provides an enhanced foundation of protection on the parts of the unit which are most frequently exposed to contamination.

Is antimicrobial technology 100% necessary?

The short answer: no. Antimicrobial technology is not essential when considering the workings of a watercooler.

The reality: yes. Though antimicrobial technology has no effect on the functionality of a watercooler, the pragmatic use of any water system will call into question the safety of the end-user.

Here at Borg & Overström, we endeavour to deliver premium water solutions with premium hygiene protection. As such, we naturally recommend the treatment of antimicrobial technology to help assure hygiene protection, and to help with the overall maintenance of your watercooler.

Essentially, the answer to this question is down to you. Ask yourself: how high a priority is infection control in your budgeting?

Note: Those who operate within the Healthcare sector and are concerned with a watercooler that ensures healthcare safety – antimicrobial treatment is considered a necessity to help protect those who are already at risk.

What are the benefits of antimicrobial technology?

As we have highlighted, safety, hygiene and protection against contamination are at the forefront of our decision to incorporate BioMaster – but there are other benefits.

Firstly, BioMaster enables a more relaxed maintenance routine. While regular maintenance is a sure way of making certain your watercooler is protected, antimicrobial technology enables a more flexible maintenance calendar. Providing an enhanced foundation, the antimicrobial properties that are integrated into your watercooler allows for a more infrequent attention when it comes to disinfectant cleaning.

Second, as a direct result of reduced cleaning maintenance, your watercooler will not experience as much general wear and tear.

As such, we generally recommend the treatment of antimicrobial technology to help assure hygiene protection, and to help with the overall maintenance of your watercooler.

BioMaster: hygiene and protection moving forward

In the end, the most important quality that antimicrobial technology possesses is that it helps prohibit harmful bacteria from reproducing and multiplying into dangerous pathogens.

Antimicrobial technology provides an enhanced foundation for optimising hygiene protection – Woven into the products material, there are no follow up concerns for the facilities manager or end-user.

Essentially, this added benefit can be treated as a head-start and continuous aid in the cleaning maintenance of your watercooler.

Here at Borg & Overström, we have always endeavoured to ensure our products are designed with hygiene and user safety in mind. From discerning in-house water quality checks, to initiating our Totality® six fold system, user safety is always at the forefront of our designs.

Currently, the Borg & Overström B6 water dispenser is the only watercooler that integrates the BioMaster antimicrobial technology.

A Borg & Overström B6 dispensing sparkling water via a bluetooth mobile application

Borg & Overström B6

Countertop convenience redefined

Explore the features and benefits of the B6
Explore the features and benefits of the B6

Moving forward, Borg & Overström will continue to place user safety as a focal point in each and every design, utilising antimicrobial technology to ensure the best possible protection is provided.

We’re here to help you – if you have any further questions – contact us – our expert staff are ready and waiting to help you.

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