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Reasons for a distributor to choose a Borg & Overström T3 tap 

In a world brimming with choices, it’s essential to make informed decisions that align perfectly with your customer’s needs. When it comes to integrated drinking water taps, the decision is no different. While you may consider a Zip hydro tap or a Billi Quadra tap, there are many advantages to the T3 tap. 

At the core of our Borg & Overström T3 tap, lies a relentless pursuit of innovation, quality, and functionality. We understand that a tap is an integral element that compliments a space’s aesthetics while providing an indispensable daily service. Here’s why our T3 taps stand head and shoulders above the competition: 

Trade only 

Our distributors can trust that at Borg & Overström, we will only ever trade directly with our distributors.

You will never be in competition with us and we will always support you and offer the best service we can, aiming to respond to service enquiries in under half an hour, giving you on hand technical and sales support when you need it most. 

Hygiene assured, no stored cold water 

With our Drychill® airless, rapid cooling technology no water is stored within the integrated drinking water tap.

Our technology simply allows every glass delivered, to be perfectly chilled and fresh tasting. Alternative hot water taps such as the Billi Quadra and Zip Hydrotap, while popular, do store cold water within their tap system which can contribute towards fostering bacterial build up. 

Compact and easy-fit ProCore®  

The T3 tap comes with a single compact and easy-fit ProCore® unit which is used for all water options. ProCore® is what we call the undercounter water processing unit powering our water dispensing systems.

This technology is unlike previous and competitor units, allowing for simple plug and play installation, and is the new standard for all Borg & Overström drinking water dispensers. 

As well as being compact, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and easy to maintain. Many of our competitors have larger, multi-module undercounter units, whereas ours is a single unit. 

Simple and discreet ventilation kit 

Our ventilation kit is simple to install and highly effective. It ensures that airflow from the unit is directed outside of the cupboard via hidden ventilation air vents with minimal cutting and there is no need for an external vent within the kick board.

Our competitors have more in-depth ventilation systems which are more arduous to install and require more cutting of surfaces with a visible ventilation output. 

Premium aesthetics 

Our T3 tap is more than just a functional device for quality drinking water. The design of our T3 tap is meticulously crafted to enhance the visual appeal of kitchens and workplace areas, becoming an integral part of interior aesthetics. The T3 has a sleek premium design with a touch control panel to administer dispensing drinking water.

Designed with Finyl easy to clean durable surfaces including silver ion anti-microbial protection on touch panels to the scratchproof PVD finish on our black T3 models.

Watch our video for more information on the importance of PVD coating. 

If you’d like to find out more reasons to choose our T3 tap, please contact our sales team who are ready and waiting to help you. 

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners