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Why can’t I just use tap water?

Changing our habits at every level for a more sustainable world

In recent years, observers of World Water Day have been escalating the importance of sustainability in the ongoing fight for water quality, cleanliness and access on a global scale.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Borg & Overström’s corporate responsibility, and on this special day, we’re pulling out all the stops to signal-boost the methods for creating a more sustainable world, and the benefits for the water industry. 

So let’s answer an age-old question, one which has kept many people on the fence over purchasing or selling a premium dispenser: why not just drink water direct from the tap?


It may seem small and trivial, but water is an everyday essential. As such, small consumption habits add up over time, especially when they go unnoticed or are taken for granted.

In this short explainer, team member Eddie Goodenough reveals just how much more water you waste when you resort to standard kitchen taps over special dispensers.  

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