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New revolutionary way to dispense water; SensorBeam® has landed

We are delighted to introduce our latest innovation, SensorBeam®, which offers unique, completely touchless water dispense. 

The futuristic SensorBeam® uses advanced projection mapped controls that illuminate symbols directly onto the floor. It couldn’t be easier to dispense fresh, clean, filtered water, by simply placing a foot over the desired water symbol. With no buttons or extra points of contact required, SensorBeam® delivers a truly touch-free solution, with no additional components to keep clean. 

Borg & Overström are committed to innovation and technology to create the most advanced drinking water dispensers for our customers and ensure that they can confidently provide safe and clean drinking water, even in busy communal environments. SensorBeam® even senses when someone is nearby and reveals the water icon options. 


What are the benefits of SensorBeam® touchless dispense? 

Improved hygiene; one of the primary advantages of our touchless water dispenser is its ability to minimise the spread of germs. With SensorBeam® technology, users don’t have to touch the water cooler to dispense water, meaning there is a reduced transfer of germs. With no buttons to have to clean, this is a truly hygienic option. 

Convenience and accessibility; the SensorBeam® touchless system offers hands-free operation, making it convenient for users to pour a glass of water quickly and easily without having to touch any surfaces. This feature is especially beneficial in high-traffic areas.  

Enhanced user experience; SensorBeam® interactive touchless technology provides a modern and sophisticated user experience. The seamless and intuitive operation of the dispenser can improve customer satisfaction and enjoyment of the product and make a positive impression on users. 

SensorBeam® is available with our E4 and E6 drinking water dispensers.  

We specialise in helping to find the right solution for our customers, so if you have any further questions or inquiries – contact us – our expert staff are ready and waiting to welcome your and your customers to our virtual showroom. 

Find out how SensorBeam® works - Experience it for yourself...

Register for an in-person demonstration with our Virtual Showroom to see how the SensorBeam® can benefit you.


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