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Six beliefs to overcome which will increase your sales potential


Regardless of which industry you’re in, what products you sell or the size of your sales targets, having the right mindset in sales is crucial!

Here’s 6 beliefs that need to be overcome before you can reach your full sales potential:

“I don’t have enough experience to talk to C-level executives”

Communicating with senior executives and decision-makers can be daunting to even the most experienced sales people. These executives are still people and a different strategy may be needed to approach them.

“I’m a nuisance to buyers”

This can prevent reps from following up leads or even making the inital contact as they feel they could annoy the buyer. This can be overcome by only contacting prospects who you can provide a solution to their needs.

 “I don’t have enough time”

A lack of time is often an excuse for not researching prospects and other high-effort, high-reward activities. This could lead to damaging your first impression by asking questions that you could have answered yourself!

“I’m not a natural salesperson”

Selling is a skill. A skill that can be taught and learnt. Depending on how quickly you can learn such techniques is how easy it will be for you to become a successful salesperson. Success is yours if you’re prepared to work for it!

“I can’t challenge my prospects”

The fear of loosing a good lead or damaging a first impression can prevent you from challenging a prospect. However taking them out of their comfort zone will help to show them the bigger picture and how your product or service can benefit them.

“Asking for a referral will annoy a prospect customer”

You are 5 times more likely to get a meeting with a prospective customer if you have been referred. Many salespeople are reluctant to ask for them as they feel pushy or arrogant.

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