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So, just who is Borg & Overström?

You can tell a huge amount about a company by the way it designs its products.

Think of Ferrari and its beautiful, powerful cars: a streamlined streak of red and the hum of a perfectly tuned engine is all you need to instantly identify the brand.

Think of Apple: its severely minimalist aesthetics owning its marketplace, the silver marque and the glossy technology inherently desirable among every walk of life.

Think of Borg & Overström. Its water systems are likewise instantly recognisable in any workplace, their silvered classic elegance a perfect complement to the pure, cool water they dispense.

But with Borg & Overström, its commitment to excellence isn’t just limited to its beautifully designed machines. Those sleek contours make a statement about our whole raison d’etre: our total commitment to excellence.

The whole reason we exist is ‘to make high quality available to a place where mediocrity was accepted.’  And it’s a mantra which affects the whole way we do business, far exceeding merely our products.

It means that merely hitting targets isn’t good enough, we have to smash them to say we’ve succeeded.  It means that we’re not content with just leaving our customers happy with our service, but they’re blown away with our sheer dedication to delighting them. It means that we’ll visit the four corners of the globe to source the finest materials for our water systems, and be back in the office at 6.30 the next morning, exhausted and jetlagged, but still enthusiastically hot on the trail of that perfect water system.

And that’s why we’re such a good company to work with. We don’t accept mediocrity, but we’re constantly striving to do better for our staff and for our customers.

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners