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Swap out your existing tap without any additional cutting 

Got a hot water tap which you are unhappy with, but think you can’t change it due to having already cut your worktop?  

Bored of tap water which doesn’t taste great?  

Concerned about the level of microplastics in your tap water and want to install chilled, sparkling, hot filtered water into your kitchen, tea-point or breakout area?  

Would you like to install chilled, filtered, sparkling or hot filtered water into your kitchen area but think you can’t due to expensive marble worktops?  

Not to worry, at Borg & Overström we have the solution for all your integrated tap requirements with our MonoFit® and retrofit options. 


The MonoFit® from Borg & Overström, is an alternative drip tray for the T2 and T3 integrated taps. It’s designed for complete ease and simplicity of installation. With MonoFit®, you can upgrade to a new T2 or T3 over any previous installation, or confidently install a hot water tap into a marble worktop with minimal cutting, the simple 60mm circular drill hole saves 90% cutting required over traditional integrated tap systems. If you already have a cut out for your existing tap MonoFit® will neatly sit over this, replacing a Vivreau, Zip or Brita tap.  

MonoFit® Retrofit Plate for Billi Taps 

If you have a previous installation of a Billi tap, combining a Retrofit plate with a T2 or T3 MonoFit® tap will allow for simple replacement with a neat and flush finish. No additional cutting is needed since the pre-existing Billi cutout should accommodate the installation of the MonoFit® and Retrofitting plate. 

A solution for every upgrade 

Whatever make or model previously installed, Borg & Overström can provide a simple solution to upgrading your drinking water tap. The MonoFit® versatile drip tray can be placed neatly over previously made cut outs, allowing a quick and easy upgrade to your filtered drinking water system with a T2 or T3 tap for a fresh look. 

With no need to settle for your existing integrated tap system, there’s now an opportunity to upgrade and elevate your kitchen and communal areas with a Borg & Overström tap dispenser, giving you easy access to great tasting, filtered drinking water. 

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners