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The b4: As you’ve never seen it

When we recommend the b4, we are entirely confident in our choice. Our b4 was created with flexibility in the forefront of our mind, enhancing any environment, from the boardroom to the gym. As well as being flawlessly designed, the b4 offers unparalleled hygienic protection, high capacity storage, and a quick and easy install process. 

The ultimate dispense area

The b4 offers your customers an unrivalled dispense area. As well as being illuminated the b4 boasts of the largest area on the market, allowing your customers to refill a wide variety of receptacles, from boardroom bottles to kitchen jugs. 

To ensure your water cooler is accessible and easy to use, the b4 in a floorstanding configuration is complemented by an integral cup dispenser, and stands proudly as the tallest the water cooler in the market.

Customer flexibility 

We know that customers vary, and the products they require differ accordingly. The b4 is available in a countertop or a floorstanding configuration. The b4 seamlessly suits a wide range of environments, and offers you flexibility in stock holding

The b4 also offers combinations of hot, chilled, sparkling, or ambient water, catering to every hydration requirement. 

Cabinet possibilities

When your customers choose a b4 in a floorstanding configuration, they are choosing so much more than just hydration. The b4 offers the highest capacity cabinet on the market, enabling additional storage space for ancillary items, and a pumped waste kit, or to conceal large refillable CO2 bottles. 

Simple to install and maintain 

Here at Borg & Overström, we take our time so you don’t have to waste yours. We developed the b4 extensively, ensuring it is and quick to install, using our ‘open. connect. dispense‘ initiative. 

The b4 is accessible and easy to maintain, with 360° access for your engineers. 

Complete peace of mind 

Every Borg & Overström product leaves our Norfolk headquarters only once it has undergone our rigorous quality control check, including pressure and leak testing.

We know that your customers insist on hygienic, clean, and pure hydration. That’s why we created our b4 machine with hygiene at the forefront. The b4 employs our unique Direct Chill system, utilising advanced cooling technology to ensure water is hygienic and fresh. 



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