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The secret component that makes ProCore® more compact

Something’s always niggled us about our undercounter water processing units. We’ve been unable to make them smaller, no matter how we’ve rearranged the internal components. Until now.

How we maximised space with own-design carbonator

ProCore® is our new undercounter water processing system. This is the powerhouse of our next-generation water dispensers and where it all happens.

We’ve redesigned this system from the ground up using own-design components. This has enabled us to make the ProCore® more compact than previous undercounter cabinets.


The secret lies in our own-design carbonator, says Simon Bryant, Head of Research & Development.

Most off the shelf carbonator cans have pipes in a vertical direction, so all fittings are on top of the can. What would normally happen is that the dry chill block and carbonator vessel are separate to where the compressor sits.

Using an off the shelf carbonator was restrictive and created wasted space. The solution, Simon explains, was to bend the pipes at 90 degrees so they can enter the carbonator vessel from the side. “This means that the top of the can is very low and doesn’t need fittings above. We then slid the Dry Chill® block with carbonator under the compressor. Now we have a compact Dry Chill® compressor unit.”

ProCore® technology is currently only available with our integrated tap systems like the T1 and T2. However, our own-design water processing system will be universal across all new Borg & Overström water dispensers going forward.

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