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The connection between water & coffee machines

Whether it’s a fresh, cool glass of water, or a warm aromatic coffee, people love to sip on a drink throughout the day, and enjoy some respite from the pressures of work. Whilst the ingredients of coffee and water may differ, they have much in common, also. We will explore those similarities and connections today, considering how both can offer vital benefits at home and in the workplace. 

Influencing productivity

Many studies have been carried out on the various factors that influence productivity. Aside from areas such as ergonomics and office layout, some studies suggest that hydration plays a key role in productivity. A recent study found that even a dehydration level of between one and two percent can cause a decrease in cognitive function (University of Connecticut, 2010). 

Anecdotally, most of us know that a shot of caffeine in the morning can kick start the day, but does the science match up? Some researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine say yes, they found that caffeine improves reasoning, attention, and perception (2010).

While it’s difficult to say whether water or coffee is better for productivity, studies have shown both can be useful. 

Improving workplace relations

The water cooler has always been a busy gathering and meeting place for employees who are, for most of their day, confined to their allocated desk space. The chance to get up and converse with fellow employees whilst enjoying a brief break from work is an invaluable way to keep daily happiness up, and it also offers a lot more benefits for the company as a whole.

One of these is that, as most employees are at their desks working hard for most of the day, opportunities to forge friendships and strong working relationships with fellow employees can be limited. With a water cooler or coffee machine however, a great place to interact with fellow workers is established.

Office atmosphere

No office is complete without a water cooler to keep employees hydrated, while some companies also choose to invest in the luxury of a coffee machine. The style and quality of your water machine can say a lot about who you are as a company and give off important messages to clients and potential business partners.

Any company that invests in the superior quality of Borg & Overström  water coolers are going a long way towards establishing a top-quality office environment. Whether it’s a water or coffee machine, investing in the best quality always pays off not only for you and your workers but also for the company as a whole.

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