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The psychology behind water refreshment systems

The most obvious function of a water refreshment system is exactly what its name would suggest – providing a convenient source of fresh water when required. However, there is a lot more to a water cooler than you would think, the effect it can have on an environment, and on an individual, can be significant. 

A lot of research has been conducted on workplace productivity and the dynamics of an office environment. Some studies have looked at how workspace arrangements can improve performance, while others have studied time-management or hierarchy structures in an attempt to understand how to get the very best out of an organisation.

Water refreshment systems have long been considered as much more than just water dispensers. They are frequently the primary gathering place for employees across the office, giving them the chance to interact with one another and enjoy each other’s company. Short breaks from work and hydration are two further factors which can play a big part in improving productivity and employee happiness.

A place of relationships

Any business or organisation looking to succeed and perform at the highest level will need a core team of individuals who thoroughly enjoy working with one another. Strong working relationships are crucial to any team, and allow greater levels of cooperation, creativity and motivation as individuals begin to learn more about one another and how they tick.

Water coolers have always been a gathering place for employees who have taken a brief break from their desk to grab a drink. Although these moments may only last a matter of seconds or minutes, these social encounters are the ideal way for individuals to get to know one another on a personal level, and forge strong friendships.

One study, carried out by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, looked at the effect face-to-face interactions had on productivity. The study found that group cohesion and productivity are significantly boosted by face-to-face experiences as opposed to email communication, adding weight to the idea of the water cooler as a strong motivating force in the workplace.

Refreshing your mind and body

An employee with a sharp mind and an energised body will be capable of dedicating far higher levels of focus and effort towards their job than one who isn’t quite operating at full capacity. Sitting down for too long, or suffering from slight dehydration, can have a small, yet noticeable, effect on a person’s productivity, and this will only increase over time if the problem is not redressed.

Being able to frequently get up and grab a drink of water is an excellent way to rejuvenate the mind and body. Even the simple act of getting off your feet and walking over to a cooler is enough to wake up the body and boost your energy levels. The chance to give your mind a quick break from your daily tasks can help to alleviate stress and refocus the mind.

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