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Three reasons to upgrade your workplace hydration with sparkling water

Here at Borg & Overström, we know that your workplace refreshment offering is not complete without the addition of sparkling water. But, what is sparkling water? Some artesian wells in locations such as Selters, in the German mountains, produce naturally occurring effervescent mineral water that is similar to sparkling water, but the first artificially carbonated sparkling water was invented by Frenchman, Gabriel Francois Venel, in 1750. Sparkling water is created when high gas pressure and low temperature causes carbon to dissolve in water, creating carbonic acid, this is what provides sparkling water with it’s slight ‘tart’ taste. When the temperature is raised, or the pressure is reduced, carbon dioxide escapes from the water in the form of bubbles. This process is achieved by passing pressurised carbon dioxide through water.

Now we know what sparkling water is, we’re going to provide you with three reasons why you should invest in sparkling water in your workplace.


1. Sparkling water helps to increase hydration levels in the workplace

We already know that staying properly hydrated in the workplace provides a significant boost in productivity, and you can read all about that, here. However, often employees often find it a chore to maintain hydration levels, especially when engrossed in a project or task. Sparkling water provides an alternative hydration solution, giving that extra ‘fizz’ that your employees need during the working day.

Sparkling water is a healthier, more cost efficient, alternative to popular fizzy drink branks. Studies have found that it is over one hundred times less harmful for teeth enamel than some other kinds of fizzy drinks (University of Birmingham, 2001), sparkling water is also without sugar, calories, or caffeine.


2. Drinking sparkling water improves digestion and weight loss

Studies have found, that drinking a glass of water after a meal can help to ease indigestion (European Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2002). It does this by working to improve swallowing ability in comparison with still water, by stimulating the nerves responsible for our swallowing function (Chem Senses, 2012).

Sparkling water should be the refreshment of choice for those individuals who are looking to lose weight. A 2012 study found, that individuals who drink sparkling water on an empty stomach feel fuller than those who drink still water, and therefore eat a reduced amount of food (Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, 2012).


3. Offering sparkling water impresses your visitors and potential employees

We all know that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and your company’s first impression begins as soon as your prospect walks through the door. One of the first things that is asked of visitors, is, ‘Would you like a drink?’, upgrade your offerings by including sparkling water in your option list. This effect will only be enhanced when you have a water dispenser that is well designed, sleek, and efficient, such as the many Borg & Overström water solutions that provide sparkling water. You can review our products here


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