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Importance of touchless dispense to aid infection control

With people caring more now about hygiene and cleanliness following the pandemic, touchless dispense is becoming both essential and necessary, especially within the healthcare sector, to reduce infections and viruses. 

The World Health Organisation’s Global Report on Infection Prevention and Control has stated that good Infection Prevention Control (IPC) can reduce healthcare infections by 70%. As such, the healthcare industry is turning to more innovative touch-free solutions in high traffic areas where cross-contamination is prevalent. Borg & Overström understand the importance of maintaining hygiene to create safe drinking water and are continuously innovating. 

In this article we’ll explore the importance of touchless dispense smart technology in aiding infection control and provide you with the information you need to know. 

What is touchless dispense and how does it work? 

Touchless dispense enables the automatic functionality of the product without the need for physical contact. It typically works by using sensor technology to detect movement of infrared beams which signals the product to start working. 

Why is it important? 

Maintaining a high standard of hygiene is paramount to the safeguarding and well-being of both patients and staff in the healthcare sector. While traditional dispensing buttons are susceptible to harbouring bacteria and viruses, even with rigorous cleaning, touch-free dispensing prevents the need for direct contact with surfaces and eliminates this risk and can significantly reduce this risk of viral or bacterial spread. 

Touchfree dispensers aren’t just for the healthcare sector though but for any high footfall environment, such as education, offices, gyms to name a few, where the spread of viruses and the prevention of cross-contamination is important to control and reduce. As no physical touch is necessary, contact with germs is eliminated. 

What are the benefits of touchless dispense? 

The key benefits of using touchless dispense products are that they eliminate any cross contamination from surfaces that when in public can be a hotbed for disease causing germs and bacteria. 

Another benefit is that they are hands-free, so easy to use and operate. 

Touchless dispense in drinking water 

Understanding the significance of touch-free dispensing, our water dispenser designs provide two convenient options. Our latest touchfree technology, the SensorBeam®, employs projection mapped controls that illuminate symbols directly onto the floor. To dispense fresh, clean water, all one needs to do is simply place their foot over the desired water symbol. With no buttons or extra points of contact required, SensorBeam® delivers a truly touch-free solution with no additional parts to clean, minimising infection with completely touch-free dispensing. 

In addition, our water dispensers utilise Bluetooth® connectivity, so users can effortlessly access filtered water through our dedicated app, eliminating the need to touch any communal surfaces. 

We understand the importance of water and hydration and how essential it is to health recovery and general well-being. By taking it a step further with touchless dispense solutions, hygiene safety is ensured, and the spread of infections and bacteria reduced. 

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