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Touchless water dispensers, without the cost of a new installation

Available now, Borg & Overström foot switch retrofit kit converts any B3.2 or B4.2 into a touchless water dispenser.

Foot switch retrofit kit for hands-free control

Innovation and helping our partners to achieve more have been core values for us since the beginning. So, over the past few months, we’ve been hyper focused on finding new ways to help partners navigate what has perhaps been the hardest time to be in business.

Reduced risk of contamination and keeping staff and customers safe has become a priority for all businesses. So, we set about designing a simple conversion kit for existing Borg & Overström dispensers. We wanted to design a low-cost solution that we could get to market fast and wouldn’t require customers to install new appliances or make complex modifications.

Quick and easy touchless conversion

A hands-free dispenser foot switch can be easily retrofitted by an engineer or qualified technician. It’s compatible with the B3.2 and B4.2 models (including counter-top), both 240v and 110v. It’s also available as a two-way or three-way switch for chilled and ambient dispense options, or chilled, ambient and either sparkling or hot water.

Reduced risk of contamination from touch screen controls

While the foot switch accessory eliminates the need to use the touchscreen panel, it doesn’t disable these controls. For additional peace of mind, we recommend using a Sterizen® Antimicrobial Touchscreen Shield alongside the foot switch.

These shields contain active silver ions, which protect customers and staff from the transmission of germs via touchscreens. When the ions come into contact with bacteria, they damage its structure leading to its destruction.

Shields can remain active for up to five years and users are protected 24/7. They are easy to apply, clean, and resistant to most chemical agents, including Sterizen® Virus Killer Surface Sanitiser Spray.

Both the new hands-free dispenser foot switch and Sterizen® Antimicrobial Touchscreen Shields are available through our web store or your Borg & Overström account manager.

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners