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Using body language to boost your sales

When we make our sales pitch, all too often, we ignore one of the biggest tools we have at our disposal. We ignore the impact that our body language has upon the customer, as well as how we can read the customer’s body language to shape our pitch. In today’s blog, we’re going to cover what you can do, as a salesperson, to present a confident and professional sales pitch.

Why should I?


Often ‘old pros’ are reluctant to pay attention to the small nuances, stating that they use their words to do the talking. However, studies have shown that only 7% of communication is the actual words used! 38% is the tone of voice we use, and a massive 55% is dependent on our body language. You could be saying so much, inadvertently, with a simple awkward stance, or lowered gaze.


How do I?


Most importantly, you may already, subconsciously, utilise elements of body language without realising. If you are already confident, you are sure to reflect this in your stance and tone of voice. However, there are a few body language pointers that we could all benefit from, these are simple tricks and pointers that will become second nature once you begin to observe them




Your parents told you not to slouch for a reason! Slouching or leaning indicates a lack of engagement, and simple fatigue. To appear dynamic, interested, and alert, stand up straight with your weight equally balanced on both legs. Make good use of your space, and own the room. Lean slightly forwards, with your shoulders back – it’s called a power stance!

You can also read your customer’s stance – if they are closed off, perhaps with crossed arms or hands, the physical barrier represents a symbolic barrier to what they are hearing.




We don’t know about eyes being the window to the soul, but they’re certainly the beacon of conversation. The amount and type of eye contact we have is vital. Too much eye contact is unsettling, too little eye contact appears unconfident. Experts maintain that the ideal ratio of eye contact is between 60-70% of the time, particularly to emphasise key points, and congruent with the emphasis in our tones. We can also use this to read a customer, are they reciprocating your gaze equally, or looking away frequently?




Many of us express a great deal of how we feel using our hands – no, not by rude gestures! When we’re excited, we move our hands more frenetically, when we’re nervous or frustrated, we’re more likely to clench them together or make a first. Others pick up on these slight movements. Ensure that your hands are either at your side, or in front of you. Avoid touching your face if possible, obscuring your mouth can subconsciously signify that you are telling untruths!


To conclude


A salesperson that is confident and respectful reflects this through every gesture, creating a productive and equal sales conversation. Try a few of our hints and tips in your next sales conversation – you’ll be surprised by the effectiveness!



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