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“Iconic” T2 showcases at Venditalia

Pelican Rouge showcase Borg and Overstrom T2 at Venditalia

We were delighted to have received such positive feedback for the Borg & Overström T2 tap system when it was showcased last month at Venditalia.

The next generation tap gained attention for its iconic design and unique offering, which enables office coffee services to set themselves apart from the competition. It was clear attendees could see how the T2 would enhance their existing coffee service, creating the ultimate refreshment solution.

Venditalia is one of the most important international events for office coffee services. There were many interesting innovations, including fully automated coffee machines and flavoured waters. Not only were we able to showcase the T2 to an international audience, but we also collaborated with a premium coffee roaster, Pelican Rouge.

The Netherlands-based coffee company is a one-stop-shop for beverage ingredients for the OCS market. Great taste and great people are the heart and soul of their brand. Like Borg & Overström, they take pride in continuous process, product, and service innovation.

Venditalia was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Pelican Rouge,

Steel T2 plus at Venditalia with Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters

“Venditalia was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Pelican Rouge,” said Richard Gibbon, Head of Global Business Development, Borg & Overström. “It was also another great event where we exposed the T2 and gained fantastic feedback from international partners.”

Contact us if you’re interested in partnering with Borg & Overström at future events.

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