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Water and coffee – complementary essentials for the workplace

Coffee: a true workplace essential.

A steaming cappuccino to start the day, sweet and rich and almost a meal in itself. A flat white or a latte to stimulate us through the morning and keep us on track; a dark, powerful espresso for a shot in the arm when the energy levels sag in the afternoon.

But get to the end of the day, and you’re agitated and restless. You can’t turn off from the stresses of the workplace, and you’re feeling – dare I say it – irritable and grumpy.

It’s the caffeine that does it.

Nothing wrong with it at all in its place, but what many of us forget is that it takes time for the body to process caffeine and flush it out. So it builds up in the body, acts as a diuretic in getting rid of essential water in the body, and increases our feeling of stress.

Water is an underrated resource in the workplace. 

Not only does it help us stay hydrated on top of all the water loss triggered by the caffeine, but it helps to work against its stress-inducing effects, meaning that at the end of the day, we’re more relaxed, feel more alert, and have a greater feeling of wellbeing.

And you can still have the same variety of experiences with water as with coffee.  A glass of hot water in the morning to help to clear your head for the day, chilled to sip during the day to maintain creativity and productivity levels, and a cool glass of mineral fresh sparkling water to keep the energy levels high in the afternoon.

The water dispenser makes a difference, granted, and there’s nothing less inspirational than the proverbial white plastic box. Which is why, this month, we’re promoting our beautiful b4 dispenser. It’s a sleek and streamlined system, with more than a dash of Scandinavian minimalist design aesthetic, but it’s as functional as it is beautiful, renowned for its reliability.

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