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Which water dispenser is best for refilling water bottles?

A guide to dispense height for the hydration enthusiast 


With sustainability in mind, we design all our appliances to be suitable for refillable water bottles. Our floorstanding machines have a dispense height beginning at 250mm, with the B4 reaching an impressively capacious 270mm. This can accommodate almost any handheld drinking water bottle. 

Our tap systems give us the opportunity to go even further. Starting at a taller 285mm, they are designed with every portable size in mind. This design is made even more accommodating by their slim nozzles which fit down the neck of the bottle. 

Both our T1 and T2 taps provide 310mm in refilling area height. The T1 can be fitted over a sink basin, guaranteeing even more room. This small but significant design choice provides peerless options for refillable water in any environment.  

If you are interested in helping provide end-users with the most capacious and versatile refilling options, you can become a distributor today. The facilities manager prioritising POU bottles and sustainable practices can also find a distributor

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