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Water dispenser filters: maintenance tips from 3M

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Follow these top tips from 3M’s Marcus Whiteley and Ollie Rudman for guaranteed fresh-tasting water from your Borg & Overström dispenser.

1. Change your filter according to the manufacturer’s replacement schedule

How often a filter needs changing depends on many factors, including usage and type of filter. Most Borg & Overström customers will need to change their 3M filters between 6 and 12 months.

Water filters have a capacity of 4000 litres which would last 12 months, based on a throughput of 10 litres per day. If you’re dispensing more than 10 litres per day, you’ll need to change filters every 6 months.

The 3M Borg & Overström filter on your hot and cold water dispenser contains polyphosphate to reduce scale build up on the hot side of the water dispenser replacing this filter is important if you want to keep service calls to a minimum.

2. A low flow rate could indicate a filter change is needed

When carrying out a routine sanitisation but not changing the filter, we recommend checking the flow rate. A reduction in the flow rate could indicate that the filter needs changing.

If an engineer goes to a site but doesn’t change the filter, they could be called back because of a low flow rate. Prevention is certainly better than the cure since additional callouts incur further costs.

In addition to reduced flow, you may also notice the water is slightly cloudy or smells of chlorine when the filter needs changing.

3. Correct handling of filters

When changing a filter, there is a risk that the drinking water can become contaminated via incorrect handling of the new filter. 3M’s Sanitary Quick Change (SQC) is a unique feature that reduces the risk of contamination.

SQC allows for quick and easy filter changes without contact with either the water or filter media. There’s also no need to turn the water off at the source with this system. Additional security is provided by the shut off switch inside a Borg & Overström water dispenser.

Follow this instructional video to check flow rate: 



4. Store filters at room temperature

Filters stored at room temperature have a long shelf-life. 3M filters are supplied dry, ensuring they won’t degrade while in storage.

5. Don’t reuse filters

It’s not advisable to remove a filter and store it before putting it back into the water dispenser. Always replace with a new filter and do not attempt to wash and then reuse filters.

Contact our customer care team for more information about filters.

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