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Top 5 reasons why you should be selling a water dispenser with a coffee machine 

There are many advantages to selling an integrated water dispenser to your customer base. Here we’ve outlined the top 5 reasons where you can benefit and offer the best service to your customers.  

  1. Close the door on competition 

With integrated drinking water systems becoming an integral part of the workplace, don’t let a competitor in to supply your customer with their filtered drinking water units. Once a competitor has a foot in the door supplying water, the next step for them would be to try and take on the coffee supply contract when it’s up for tender. Act now and take on your customers drinking water requirements too. 

  1. Increase footfall to the coffee machine 

By introducing a drinking water dispenser next to the coffee machine, it’s been recognised that employees increase their coffee drinking. Habitually the employee, when taking a glass of water, will also grab a coffee due to the drinking units being side by side. A great way for increasing profits with additional coffee supply. 

  1. Be a full refreshment provider 

As a distributor, if you’re already selling coffee machines to your customer, it should be relatively straight forward to add on an integrated water dispenser to the order. You’re already a chosen supplier and set up on their system so promote to them the benefits of being more efficient by using just one supplier, one point of contact and having just one invoice.  

  1. Re-fillable bottles are gaining popularity, are you keeping up with this trend? 

With a Borg & Overström point of use drinking water dispenser, it offers one of the best height dispensers of 290mm ensuring that most re-usable water bottles can fit underneath, ready to fill up with the water option of choice. Single-use plastic bottles are frowned upon now which has elevated the trend of using re-fillable drinking water bottles. 

Use our calculator to see how much could be saved by moving to an integrated drink water system rather than plastic bottled dispenser. 

  1. Promote the benefits of hydration and productivity 

Too often promoting the benefits of hydration and the additional productivity it provides aren’t stressed enough as important reasons to have a quality integrated drinking water system. Workplaces need to provide a clean and safe drinking water dispenser for their staff as a duty of care and create an environment of well-being. Being fully hydrated can help to reduce headaches and workplace productivity levels can increase by about 14%. Did you know that 80% of employees rank workplace refreshment services as important? 

We specialise in helping to find the right solution for our customers, so if you have any further questions or inquiries – contact us – our expert staff are ready and waiting to welcome your and your customers to our virtual showroom.

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