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Why travel when you can view everything you need to in our showroom virtually? 

One of the key aspects in ESG is sustainability and trying to keep carbon footprint to a minimum. In the past, journeys which may have taken five hours have been made, for perhaps a 20 minute face to face meeting, or even taking flights to another country, taking up both valuable time and increasing CO2 emissions. Whilst in person meetings certainly are still of value and importance, they’re not the only option with today’s advances in technology.  

At Borg & Overström, we take responsibility for our carbon footprint and are keen to keep it to a minimum. We’re dedicated to introducing new technologies to enable our distributors to do likewise. 

The installation of our state-of-the-art, modern and fully functional virtual showroom allows us to provide a fantastic experience of our full product range to our distributors and their customers, wherever they are in the world, without them having to leave the comfort of their own desks. At Borg & Overström we’re not afraid to challenge the status quo, and welcome new technologies and ideas. The virtual showroom has allowed us to tap into a much wider market as it has removed any barriers to sharing our products globally, reducing carbon emissions, eliminating time travelling and vastly reducing costs. 

In this article we’ll take you through how a virtual showroom benefits, us, our customers and the planet as a whole. 

Reducing carbon emissions 

Every day we welcome distributors from all over the world into our virtual showroom, helping to reduce our collective impact on the environment by eliminating the need for travel. Physical travel, whether by car, plane, or other modes of transportation, contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions and it’s estimated that up to 70% of carbon emissions could be attributed to business travel*. Did you know that a single flight from New York to London emits 1.2 metric tonnes of CO2 per person? By offering a virtual experience which is fast and rivals in person communication, we can significantly cut down travel emissions. 

…70% of carbon emissions could be attributed to business travel.

A personal, interactive experience

By utilising advanced technology, we’re able to give our distributors and customers a live demonstration of our products in high definition and all in angles and show close ups of each functioning part of our drinking water dispensers, as one customer feedback to us ‘It’s so good, it’s like being there in person.’

We can support with product knowledge and tailor virtual session to your bespoke interests. 


Global reach without borders 

Virtual showrooms break down geographical barriers, and having our own cutting-edge, fully operational showroom, allows Borg & Overström to showcase our products and services to a global audience, without travel time or passport control. This has been hugely beneficial to us and our customers enabling us to provide faster, on hand support around the globe.  

Efficient use of everyone’s time 

A virtual showroom offers time saving benefits for both our distributors and our own sales team. Without the need for physical travel, it can give back precious and valuable time. We can visit 10 countries in one day, whilst customers can neatly fit in a showroom visit between other meetings without disruption. A survey by found that business travellers were spending on average six hours on travel per trip, the virtual showroom eliminates the need for this whilst giving the same personal experience. 

Our showroom is your showroom. 

Our distribution partners have unlimited access to our industry leading virtual showroom.  

Distributors who have utilised the virtual showroom with their customers as part of their sales process saw an overwhelming success of orders following the demonstration. 

Have you visited our showroom yet? Reach out to your account manager and set a date, and see how technology can improve your sales experience and reduce your carbon footprint. 

The full product range was available to view and each model could be viewed and discussed in detail. 


Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners