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Introducing the latest
evolution in water
dispensing technology

The E-series

Experience a new era of design

The E-series marks a groundbreaking evolution in smart water dispensing, combining powerful performance, energy-efficient technology and consciously sustainable designs. With advanced innovative features, the E-series sets a new standard, delivering the ultimate in sustainability, hygiene and performance.

  • ProCore® – Exclusive modular, compact, powerful, and self-ventilating undercounter processor
    Viovandt® – No-maintenance, eco-efficient, chemical-free, UV-C water purification
    Sterizen® – Independently certified antimicrobial, anti-pathogen sterilisation process
    Fynil® – Integrated, hard wearing, non-porous finish with Biomaster antimicrobial technology
    DryChill® – Unique, rapid, hygienic, chilling technology, featuring an airless coolant coil
    Filtration – High performance carbon filtration reduces sediment, odours and chlorine

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Evolved design, environmental sustainability, electronic connectivity

The evolved E-series draws on 20 years of advanced developments and innovative designs. Now, with our unique modular ProCore® system, the E-series harmonises powerful performance with energy-efficiency, pioneering efficient, sustainability-focused designs and innovations for clean and fresh-tasting water that is both better for the environment and people’s health.


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