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Returns Policy

To check whether an item is eligible for return, please check the Warranty.
To check the purchase date or your dispenser, please use the Serial Number Lookup.

Returns process.

  1. Before an item can be authorised for return, it first must be assessed by our Support Team. To initiate an assessment, please create a support ticket here.
  2. A member of our Support Team will assess the request and perform checks to determine if a return is appropriate.
  3. Any costs to be incurred by you will be confirmed prior to authorisation.
  4. Upon authorisation, a unique returns label will be created for each item being returned.
  5. Ensure that a separate returns label is attached to each item being returned – this enables us to identify the product(s) on receipt in our warehouse.
  6. You will need to package the returning goods in accordance with the requirements outlined below in ‘Collections of dispensers and integrated tap systems from customers’.
  7. Collection will be arranged, and a courier label will be sent to attach to the outside of the pallet and packaging. Please ensure that the courier label is clearly visible.

Collections of dispensers and integrated tap systems from customers

  1. Dispensers and integrated tap systems can only be collected from a distributor site and not directly from an end-user site, even if only a single unit requires collection.
  2. Dispensers and integrated tap systems must be well packaged and firmly secured to a pallet prior to collection, even if only a single unit is being returned.
  3. If a replacement dispenser has been authorised to be sent to you, please retain all packaging, including the wooden base pallet, for returning the faulty product.
  4. If the original packaging and/or a wooden pallet is not available, please request packaging and pallet to be sent out to you. This will be supplied free of charge if the dispenser is within the warranty period. If not, there will be a charge of £75 to cover the cost of packaging and shipping.

Carriage charges

Carriage charges will only be waived if they apply to a legitimate warranty claim, otherwise carriage will be charged as per the Packing & Shipping Costs published on our website.

Updated December 2023


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