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B3.1 – Chilled & ambient (Direct Chill)


Parts list

Part number:Description:
134510L-shaped - DC Tank pipe assemblyView in store
134585B3 Floorstanding L-shaped - Cold Water PipeView in store
167241b3 Direct Chill Cold Tank SetView in store
134601DC Coil for b2/b3 Twin Tank ModelsView in store
1316421/4" PF Inlet Elbow Bulkhead ConnectorView in store
174310Direct chill PumpView in store
131424DC Tank Pipe ConnectorView in store
171211b3 CA/CS Main Control BoardView in store
174324b5 IEC Inlet FusedView in store
173251b2/b3 Cold ThermostatView in store
174231Electric Rocker SwitchView in store
173245HP1/4PFx1/4PFS230 Solenoid ValveView in store
173249HP1/4PFx1/2STS230 Solenoid ValveView in store
172175Blue LED Lighting Assembly (b3)View in store
184622Magnetic Door Catch inc. screwView in store
184624Door Panel Hinge PinView in store
184601b2/b3 Floorstanding Filter BracketView in store
121955b2/b3 Floorstanding Left Side PanelView in store
121956b2/b3 Floorstanding Right Side PanelView in store
184545b3/b4 Cup Dispenser SpringView in store
184531b2/b3 Floorstanding Adjustable FootView in store
191151b3 Chilled & Ambient LabelView in store
123721b3 Top Cover Panel- GraphiteView in store
124952b3 Floorstanding Base PanelView in store
121859b2/b3 Side HandleView in store
174307b3 ICB CoverView in store
133515b3 Direct Chill Faucet Straight type Chilled & AmbientView in store
131574Condenser Panel SpacerView in store
184543b3/b4 Cup Retaining RingView in store
184541b3 Cup Retaining Ring PlateView in store
184542b3/b4 Spring Cover for Cup DispenserView in store
184544b3/b4 Spring Base PlateView in store
120923b3 Control Button PanelView in store
462368Stem Elbow 1/4" x 1/4" PFView in store
1314221/4" Inlet Connector Back NutView in store
131572Drip Tray BungView in store
131573Drip Tray O-RingView in store
4620131/4" White Tubing per mtrView in store
1316441/4" Push-Fit 4 way JointView in store
120932b3 Cup Surround PanelView in store
120917b3 Front Panel- SilverView in store
120928b3 Dispense Surround PanelView in store
120927b3 Front Infill Panel- Dark GraphiteView in store
125827b3 Drip Tray Set - GraphiteView in store
120919b3 Door Panel- SilverView in store
120929b3 Door Infill Panel - Dark GraphiteView in store
133425b3 Floorstanding Direct Chill Header TankView in store
133426b3 Floorstanding Direct Chill Header Tank LidView in store
132453Float Valve connector (For Side Type-Push Fit)View in store
151544b2/b3 Floorstanding Drain BungView in store
194121Grit FilterView in store

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