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B4.2 – Chilled & ambient (Direct Chill)


Parts list

Part number:Description:
120800B4.2 Front Panel - SilverView in store
120801B4.2 Front Panel - WhiteView in store
120802B4.2 Front Panel - BlackView in store
120803B4.2 Upper Front PanelView in store
121850B4 Left Side Panel inc handleView in store
121851B4 Right Side Panel inc handleView in store
123187Top Cover PanelView in store
125839B4.2 Drip Tray Set with drainage - BlackView in store
125840B4.2 Drip Tray Set without drainage - BlackView in store
1314262-Port Drainage OutletView in store
133514Faucet 4 outletsView in store
171260B3.2/B4.2 Chilled & Ambient Main PCBView in store
171264B3.2/B4.2 LED Display PCBView in store
171265Touch Panel PCB BoardView in store
171268B3.2/B4.2 Main PCB Case AssemblyView in store
171269B3.2/B4.2 Touch Icon Illumination DiffuserView in store
172144Power Cord Set - DanishView in store
172148Power Cord Set - Schuko/EUROView in store
172152Power Cord Set - UKView in store
172163IEC Fused SocketView in store
172223B3.2/B4.2 LED PCB Wiring LoomView in store
173241HP1/4PFx1/4PFS24 Solenoid ValveView in store
173264Cold Temperature ThermostatView in store
174231Electric Rocker SwitchView in store
174313CompressorView in store
174351Cooling FanView in store
174392Transformer 24VDCView in store
183246Chrome B3.2/B4.2 Faucet ShroudView in store
191003B4.2 Chilled & Ambient Touch Control PanelView in store
462325Bulkhead 1/4" Push-Fit ConnectorView in store
852108Power Cord Set - SwissView in store

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