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B5 – Chilled & ambient (Direct Chill)


Parts list

Part number:Description:
123155Left Top Panel Cover PlateView in store
171244Faucet LED Assembly - 6BView in store
123156Right Top Panel Cover PlateView in store
145015Waste Drain GrillView in store
191171Chilled & Ambient labelView in store
191175Control Button Membrane Under LinerView in store
172144IEC Power Cord set - DanishView in store
121516Side Panel - RightView in store
120515Door Panel (Shell only)View in store
120521Door Panel InfillView in store
173274Leak Detector ProbeView in store
193165Waste Water Container (2 ltr)View in store
173277Leak Detector ModuleView in store
173267Cold ThermostatView in store
1314262-Port Drainage OutletView in store
171241DC Level Control BoardView in store
184565Cup Dispenser Tube SetView in store
171235DCA Main Control BoardView in store
173241Solenoid ValveView in store
194121Grit FilterView in store
1324481/4" PF x 1/4" Stem Single Check ValveView in store
174352FanView in store
184602Inner Front CoverView in store
174323IEC FuseView in store
121515Side Panel - LeftView in store
172231Compressor Relay SetView in store
123154Upper Top PanelView in store
17437724vDC PSUView in store
175363DC PumpView in store
145011DCA/H Faucet AssemblyView in store
193187Waste Water Container (Optional 10ltr)View in store
172148IEC Power Cord set - Schuko/EUROView in store
172152IEC Power Cord set - UKView in store
852108IEC Power Cord set - SwissView in store
171247Faucet LED Assembly - 4B (1404)View in store

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