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The latest from Borg & Overström

[Photo credit: Hemin Suthar]

It’s great to finally be back at capacity in production and to have increased orders coming in from our partners around the world. After months of slow news, July has proven to be a busy month… and there’s more to come.

New showroom opens in Abu Dhabi

You may remember way back in February we partnered with Eurocoffee to bring bottleless water dispensing systems to Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The UAE is a growth market for point-of-use water dispensers, accounting for just 2% of the market.

We’re delighted to hear that Eurocoffee are having many positive conversations with customers following the relaxation of their lockdown. They already have a showroom in Dubai and have recently opened a second in Abu Dhabi.

Borg & Overström water dispensers available in Panama

Earlier this month we also welcomed Aquacare to the Borg & Overström family. Like the UAE, Panama has a growing point-of-use water dispenser market. Aquacare are positioned at the top end of the market serving high-end offices, restaurants and hotels.

They wanted to partner with a like-minded water distribution business to offer premium point-of-use dispensers to its customers. Their first shipment included water dispensers fitted with both Viovandt, a directed Ultraviolet light at the point of dispense, and hands-free foot switches.

First shipment of foot switches heads to the US

We also sent our first shipment of hands-free foot switches to the US. Our foot switch retrofit kit is a low-cost, simple solution that converts existing Borg & Overström water dispensers into touchless systems.

Compatible with the B3.2 and B4.2 models (including counter-top), both 240v and 110v, they can be easily retrofitted by an engineer or qualified technician. They’re available as a two-way or three-way switch for chilled and ambient dispense options, or chilled, ambient and either sparkling or hot water.

More new products coming soon…

At Aquatech last year we unveiled new prototype products. While the release date has been postponed, our innovation team has continued to work on these new products and have made positive progress. Look out for the new launch date coming soon.

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