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What are the most common tap system problems and does the T1 solve them?

Why the T1 is more than a U1 upgrade

The installation and maintenance of a tap system can be a tricky thing. Through years of trial, error, attentive learning and constant correction, Borg & Overström have led the way towards the creation of safe, efficient, affordable and environmentally-friendly POU systems.

The T1 is our latest contribution. Here’s a list of the most common issues that installers, distributors and end-users have with tap systems, and why the T1 is a cut above the rest.   

Tricky installation 

Borg & Overström products are not only getting more advanced but more efficient. Mains-fed POU has never been more straightforward. All it takes is one hole drilled through the worktop at an existing sink site. 

Lack of available space 

With an elite processor in the uniquely compact ProCore™ and its attached vent kit below, the setup is not only contained in one unit, but an unusually small one at that. Click here to learn about the innovative idea that allowed us to ditch off the shelf carbonators for the most cosy build yet.

Limescale buildup 

Every so often, a tap system may see incremental limescale buildup on its outlet. The T1 makes the cleaning process effortless. It has a removable outlet and can endure any descaling process.

Bacteria buildup

The T1 has an antimicrobial touch display which eradicates 99.9999% of bacteria in minutes. Prevention is the best cure in matters of public and professional health, and this panel not only prevents the need for constant sanitising, but doubles as scratch and finger mark resistant. The T1’s black tap takes this one step further with the use of PVD coating

Rudimentary tech

The T1’s touch display has far more advanced technology than the original U1. According to our engineers, its electronic components are vastly superior, going beyond a mere on/off switch. This technology is so intricate, its inclusion is not only a step forward from the U1, it lays the ground for multiple upgrades in the future. 

Excessive pricing

With so many upgrades and improved qualities to boast of, this is a premium tap system that still successfully stands out on the market for its affordability. We always want the buyer to save without sacrificing quality. The T1’s superior chilling performance and energy efficiency gives a long-term return on investment, as any system with such cost-saving measures built in eventually pays for itself.

Wear and tear

Over the years, our engineering team gathered plenty of feedback over the U1’s membrane switch, with many users finding that its buttons would degrade over time. After processing this, the team were able to come up with an innovative new touchscreen system that anyone can use with confidence.  

The T1 is one of many exciting new upgrades at Borg & Overström, who proudly stand at the cutting edge of innovative design in water refreshment solutions. If you would like to take your tap systems to the next level and are curious about our other products, contact our sales team today. 

To get in on selling a world-class product for an exceptional price, know that becoming a distributor is only one filled form away.  

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