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How can a premium water dispenser make your business more money?

Offices could be losing thousands by not providing top-tier hydration

We all know water is essential for human life and health, but did you know it can make your business more profitable as well?

Installing a premium water dispenser can have such a strong, positive effect on employee morale and performance, you could see your bottom line increase by as much as 48%

The cost of low productivity

Low productivity is one of the costliest roadblocks a business can experience. It results in a domino effect that can quickly spiral out of control and make restoration of optimal performance very difficult.

Low productivity means disengagement, which brings the contagious rot of declining team morale. Low morale means low personal investment by employees into their company, which in turn reduces motivation and creativity across the board. Businesses which need to innovate then stagnate, and blame begins to fly.

An uninspired team sees more absenteeism and a high turnover of staff which prevents the development of trusting, long term professional relationships. Such inefficiencies inevitably bite into profitability.

Companies with low ​levels of engagement experience at least ​16% lower profitability ​and 65% lower share ​price over time.​

The consequences of dehydration

Dehydration begins earlier than you think. Even losing as little as 1.5 litres of bodily water can cause harmful symptoms to emerge.[1] These include poor concentration, unclear thinking, low moods and headaches. Some of these symptoms coincide with having a blood alcohol content of 0.08 grams per 100ml.

If employers deem alcohol consumption unacceptable, then surely they would be prudent to prevent anything which could result in the same effects.

A dehydrated employee is frequently absent, less likely to finish projects on time and unable to process information as quickly as a hydrated one. Reaching only 3% dehydration sees an alarming fall in performance capabilities – up to 50%

Not only are people more susceptible to dehydration than they might think, it is also becoming far more widespread. A 2018 study from the University of Copenhagen found dehydration and its effects to be alarmingly high:

“Occupational safety and daily day performance in 7 out of 10 workers, from several European industries, is negatively affected by a combination of heat stress and failure to maintain water balance.”[2]

And it’s not just a European problem. Up to 80% of the US population goes through an average day in at least a “mildly dehydrated state.”[3]

With inadequate hydration in your workplace a near certainty, so too are losses in profit. 

Your employees agree

Better hydration means higher morale

Putting a water dispenser in the office reminds employees to look after this crucial aspect of their health. It also makes frequent hydration easier and more enjoyable.

Providing superior refreshment will drive up productivity and improve employer/employee relations. Almost 80% of office workers consider refreshment important to their performance and contentment. The popularity of the workplace coffee machine is still going strong even in an age of hybrid work. Frequent intake of caffeine must be accompanied by adequate water hydration.   

It shouldn’t just end with access. Optimising hydration for performance means providing employees with the best in refreshment and choice. Going above and beyond with water filtration quality and choice will drive employee engagement for their personal health and your company’s success. 

If you are interested in providing hydration solutions and increasing productivity, please get in touch today. 

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