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The importance of water with coffee

White mug of freshly made coffee standing alongside a clear glass of chilled water

Our love for water and coffee go hand-in-hand when it comes to improving our everyday lives. 

In this short article, we explore the importance of drinking water with your coffee and why balancing your coffee intake with water can lead to a healthier and more productive lifestyle.

We all love coffee. Whether it’s a leisurely morning latte or a quick afternoon espresso pick-me-up, we rely on coffee to boost our mood, re-energise weary minds, and to indulge in the variety of tastes and aromas.

Once known as a traditional tea-drinking nation, the United Kingdom has become one of the largest coffee consuming countries in Europe in recent years following Germany, France, and of course Italy.


As out-of-home consumption booms, the segment value of independent coffee shops is expected to reach £1.6 billion by the end of 2022.

In fact, the Caffee Society reports that the average person now drinks 676 cups of coffee a year, amounting to roughly £2,210 – all on coffee alone. Using Statista surveys, the only other soft beverage that comes close is Coca-Cola or the essential water.

We love it, we rely on it, and we will travel to find the best one we can. But as leading coffee shop brands like Costa Coffee, Greggs and Starbucks profit from our understanding that we ‘need’ a delicious caffeine kick to fuel our day –  drinking water is what’s actually needed for all aspects of life.

Why we need water

Although we may say how much we rely on coffee for a pick me up, in truth, it is water that quenches our deepest instinct for healthy hydration.

With over 60% of our body consisting of water, it should come as no surprise that water is vital to our health in every possible way. From lubricating our joints to regulating temperature, drinking water and staying hydrated directly improves our health and well-being.


While coffee stands as a delightful treat that offers a kick of caffeine, water stands as the evergreen beverage that we always need, and is recommended by the NHS that we drink around 2 litres of fresh water every day – the equivalent to around 8 cups of coffee!

So whether you’re reaching for a hot latte to start your day right, fine-tuning your focus during a well-deserved lunch, or simply feeding a caffeine crave, coffee isn’t always the best way to maintain your focus. 

In fact, drinking water, and making sure that your body is hydrated, is the best way to keep our minds focused and bodies fuelled for the day ahead. 

Balance is better

A balance of coffee and water combines our love of coffee with our thirst for water. Whilst we have been led to believe that coffee will perk us up, it is water that serves as our perennial source for prolonged focus and productivity. 

While the early mornings may make us feel that we ‘need’ a caffeine boost to get us out of bed, there are many side-effects to mainly consuming coffee. The simple science behind the benefits of balancing your water and coffee intake directly relates to coffee’s after-effects. 


As a diuretic, coffee reduces the amount of electrolytes in your body, and as caffeine temporarily blocks the release of adenosine – the chemical that signals sleepiness – when the caffeine boost ends, your body is flooded with an increased buildup of adenosine. The decrease in electrolytes can lead to headaches, lack of concentration, and general fatigue, while the increased release of adenosine sends signals to the brain that makes us feel drowsy and need sleep. This experience is most commonly known as the ‘caffeine crash’

If the balance between coffee and water is tipped too much in favour of coffee, you’re more likely to experience the negative effects of caffeine, following the initial morning buzz. As water is essential for achieving better well-being, drinking fresh filtered water will help you maintain a healthy level of hydration, negating the effects of coffees’ diuretic properties, keeping your focus and energy levels lasting longer throughout the day – alleviating the infamous ‘caffeine crash’.

Improve your hydration



We know the importance of staying hydrated and can help you find the perfect solution that will improve your everyday life. 

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Water is essential to our health. It is the vital nutrition we need in our day-to-day lives and is especially crucial in the journey to a healthy and active lifestyle. So it goes without saying, swapping the odd mug of coffee for a cold crisp fresh glass of water is an effective way of heightening your focus and productivity – helping you improve your hydration and taking a step closer to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

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