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Introducing measured dispense of filtered drinking water from Borg & Overström  

Measured drinking water dispense is a great time saving and efficient way of programming of a water dispenser so that a controlled volume of water can be poured with both precision and accuracy. This capability is a significant advantage for customers seeking to repeatedly fill a regular volume of water. A measured pour of filtered water is an ideal solution for back of house environments in restaurants or hotels. 

The addition of portion dispense capability on an E6 point of use filtered water dispenser, enables precise control over the volume of water dispensed, preventing waste, and saving time. 

In this article we’ll explain exactly how measured dispense works and the benefits. 

How does measured dispense work? 

The functionality of portion controlled dispense drinking water relies on sophisticated dispensing systems equipped with precise measurement mechanisms.

These systems often employ advanced technologies such as flow meters, sensors, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to ensure accuracy in dispensing. 

Borg & Overström’s E6 portion dispense operates by placing the desired glass or bottle on the water dispenser, pressing and holding the relevant button for 20 seconds, and then filling the preferred vessel with the required amount of drinking water.

This sets the programmed amount for all future uses, eliminating the need to hold the button during dispensing; a single press will dispense the programmed amount. 

Benefits of measured dispense: 

Precision and accuracy: Portion control dispense ensures the precise and accurate pouring of water, minimising spillages that may occur due to distractions. 

Large or small: With a small and a large fill option it is simple to pre-set a measured filtered drinking water dispense for a tumbler and a carafe, helping to fill to the right level, quickly on your large or small glassware. 

The ability to re-set means that if you change your glassware, you can simply re-set your fill amount to the new required level. 

Minimising waste: By ensuring the correct amount of water, measured dispense helps to minimise waste, contributing to reduced environmental impact and aligning with sustainability goals. 

Increased efficiency: The automation in portion control dispense systems reduces the time required for manual dispensing tasks leading to increase efficiency. With the simplicity of a button touch, the measured dispense process allows hands-free bottle filling, eliminating the need for constant supervision. 

For more information on our measured dispense product, why not contact your account manager, we can even arrange a demonstration for you in the showroom. 

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