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Eco mode – how does sustainability save money?

An eco-friendly approach benefits businesses in the short and long term

Sustainability is the talk of the industry, but just how clued in are you on the immediate benefits? Green initiatives must centre consumer experience whilst ensuring a return on investment for distributors. 

In a world of volatile and uncertain energy prices, a premium purchase today will mean hundreds or even thousands saved in the long term. This is especially true of workplace drinking water; a need which will never vanish. Filtration, temperature control and dispensing require power, and businesses need the wherewithal to navigate.    

Borg & Overström’s Simon Bryant, Head of Research and Development and Quality, has revealed some unique insights into how the T2 both helps end users and aids distributors in aligning with the corporate responsibility of a sustainable setup. 

“Facilities managers must consider the benefits on a macro scale,” he says.  “The end user pays for both the rental and the energy. If we can help the end user save, we can help our distributor keep them happy, all the while reducing our collective carbon footprint. Everybody wins.”    

Why a digital tap system?

“Fundamentally, it’s part of distinction in design. A minimalist carbon footprint to match the product’s look and feel.”

The T2 is the rare combination of a digital tap system made with net-zero in mind. The more a dispenser moves to the digital realm, the less physical waste it leaves behind. Cleaning, fixing and tweaking a dispenser’s features become more a matter of reprogramming than traditional manual labour, saving on cost.    

This would usually mean consumption of more energy.  

Fortunately, the T2’s unique automated switch-off system ensures that every vault of electricity powering it is put to good use by consumers. Even Eco mode comes with two main settings. The first puts the system into standby when in darkness for six and a half minutes and the second does so after no usage for two hours. Energy preserved, money saved. 

How much does sleep mode offset consumption of electricity?

“This is not easy to quantify in isolation. Consumption will obviously vary depending on use. Then you have to consider incoming water temperature, which varies according to territory, country and time of year. We considered all of these when creating Eco mode. One thing we can guarantee is that when compared to any other tap system on neutral ground, with all external factors equalised, the T2 is still more efficient.”

But even that isn’t all.

“The insulation of the DryChill® block is unique. The block is insulated on all six sides with polyurethane insulation retaining the cold. When being operated there’s no radiant heat lost or gained. A water dispenser warming up or cooling down without this insulation would be haemorrhaging power. It saves massively on a macro scale – a long-term return on investment for distributors.”

How long does reawakening take?

“Eco mode stays active until touched again. When awoken, the unit will instantly provide water. The chilled option will take three minutes maximum to reach its lowest temperature. This could potentially be even faster depending on the environment, thanks to the polyurethane insulation.

“DryChill® retains the cold so that the machine, even in a resting state, starts below room temperature. The moment it fires up, the refrigeration process starts and water going through will drop below incoming temperature. After 60 seconds, it will be down to 10 degrees, in no more than three minutes it will hit its set point.”

Is carbonation covered?

“Yes. Previously carbonated water will be stored overnight. Because it’s fully insulated, that sparkling water will always be below room temperature. It’s also worth mentioning that the T2 operates with a maintenance-free condenser. A competitor’s condenser will need routine servicing.” 

Longer lasting: DryChill® keeps carbonated water cool

Reducing the biggest margin for error: human error

No one wants to take stock of wasted water after the fact. Prevention is the best cure, and guesswork leaves too much room for potential waste. 

“Eco mode’s light sensor works in a very clever way. It’s not a binary system, it takes average readings of light levels spread over six minutes. It also doesn’t get spooked by shadows. This rules out human error such as shadows of people walking past or a trolley going by.”

Gone are the days of wasting water by determining temperature through feel or taste.

The T2’s chilled water option is so advanced, it even suggests when the user might want to wait. A flashing chilled button is a quick reminder that the refrigeration has not yet reached optimum temperature. The same alert applies to the carbonation system, which reminds users that the system is still filling up. 

With the T2, Borg & Overström abandons the false dichotomy of eco-friendly and unfriendly. Green is the standard, greener than last time is the goal.  

Be sure to see our webinar and Q&A session to see the T2’s features in action. You can find a complete overview of the company’s sustainability initiatives by clicking here

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