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T2 – Borg & Overström answers distributor questions

A detailed look at the T2 tap system – and what it means for the sparkling water market

The meteoric rise of sparkling water has been one of the central stories for the dispenser industry in recent years. With the boom now in full swing, distributors need to be equipped to meet demand. 

A recent SWOT analysis of the water dispenser industry put variety and consumer choice at the forefront of growth. Sparkling is also increasingly seen as a healthy option for the consumer.

Consumer taste profiles are changing

Distributors must stay ahead of the market and get onboard with tap products while they have the chance.

However, simply switching to tap and sparkling alone will not be distinctive enough in a market which will soon crowd. They will need the most outstanding technology.

Enter the T2. For the innovative company, progress is permanent. The T2 represents the latest addition to a growing inventory in Borg & Overström’s tap range. This is how we can innovate within two two key markets at once by combining the most efficient tap system setup with the best quality carbonation. 

The T2 is making waves by pushing the envelope of carbonated water products.  

Exclusive: webinar on the T2’s unique features

Following the launch, Borg & Overström hosted a comprehensive webinar with a live demonstration to existing and prospective buyers.   


Q and A recap: you asked, we answered

Keeping an open forum with current and future partners enables us to stay in touch with industry needs.

Q: What is the dispense area height of the T2?

A: 310mm – an unmatched size and perfect space for ever increasing variety of bottle types on the market.

Q: Is there a tap colour option?

A: Yes, you can order a steel version or black version. We decided on two monochrome colours following marketplace feedback which narrowed down the most popular options.

Q: When can we purchase or receive?

A: You can order right away. We are shipping the next orders from the first week of March.

Q: How much time does it take for water to be cold after the eco mode is activated?

A: The ProCore™ and ProCore+™ take only two minutes to chill from ambient to 2°C.

Q: Why do the chilled and sparkling buttons flash after drawing water?

A: The chilled button will flash to indicate the chiller is working to re-cool the dry-block. The sparkling button will flash to indicate that the sparkling chamber is undergoing regeneration.

Q: Is there an option for text translation on marketing materials for non-English speakers?

A: A great suggestion! While we do have some language translations on our website, we do not yet offer every language.

If there is anything specific you would like translated, offer us the text in your language of choice and we will type-set the it onto the appropriate document. Your account manager will have details.

Q: Where do I find installation guides, operating manuals and cutting sizes?

A: All can be found at using the sub-tabs Distributor Zone > Manuals and then filter on the product of choice. We always provide cutting templates with every system. However, for pre-cutting (for example, having a stone worktop made) we can send you an original cutting template to attain exact measurements.

Q: Can you confirm what finishes are available?

A: The T2 tap system is available in two finishes – Matt Black and Brushed Stainless Steel

Q:   Is there a hot, cold and sparkling to compete with ZIP or an equivalent to the chilled/hot Hydrotap?

A: Not yet. Borg & Overström’s strength is in the chilled and sparkling sector, although there is a hot tap in development. This should be available within the next year.

Q: I’m hesitant about the idea of cutting a hole in my customer’s work-top. How do I get around this?

A: Every Borg & Overström tap system comes with a full-sized cutting template for both the tap and the easy fit vent kit. We can guarantee its accuracy too. Installation of the single integrated tap, drip tray and controls is even more simple than having a separate tap and drip tray due to having just one cut.

Installation training is always available from Borg & Overström. You can speak to your account manager to book.

Q: How does ventilation work for the chiller and how is it installed?

A: Installing the ProCore™ and the ProCore+™ chillers is very simple, requiring just one small cut in the cupboard base. Place the simple-fit ventilation kit over the cut. It will draw air in and push warm air out. The kit’s efficient build will save room and still allow the cupboard door to fully close.

You can find a detailed rundown of the T2’s eco mode by clicking here

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