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Sustainable Hydration: advancing water dispensing for a healthier planet


Borg & Overström engineers challenge mediocrity. They strive to advance water dispensing beyond conventional office watercoolers to design high performing appliances that are kinder to the planet.

Harnessing new technologies to make our products more sustainable is critical to our mission. Using technology, we’ve made our appliances longer-lasting, more hygienic, powerful, and energy-efficient.

Sustainability also extends beyond product design. Our industry has long been associated with plastic, so our objective is to promote reusable drinking bottles and encourage responsible waste management.

Efficient cooling

Our engineers endeavour to balance dispensing power with energy consumption to meet the demands of busy workplaces. Chilling water uses the most power, so we’ve focused on designing efficient cooling systems like Dry Chill®.

The aluminium block within the Dry Chill® system makes it more efficient. Aluminium has superior conduction properties, so it takes less energy to chill the water. With a faster recovery time, it can also produce a larger volume of chilled water than other systems.

In addition, water dispensers are often idle during weekends and at night. So, all new models of Borg & Overström water dispensers are fitted with a standby function to conserve energy when not in use.

Optimised energy-consumption

Energy consumption is also reduced by improving existing features, such as Viovandt™ water purification. This system now uses ultra-low energy ultraviolet LEDs to inactivate harmful microorganisms present in the water. It consumes less than 5 per cent of the energy used by UV lamps.

Improvements have also been made to the ventilation kits for the ProCore™ under-counter units, as used in the T2. They’re easy and discreet to install and increase efficiency by allowing a continuous cycle of cool air.

Built to last

Borg & Overström stands counter to the throw-away culture and manufactures appliances in the UK that are built to last. It begins in the factory, where stringent quality control procedures ensure a 99.61 per cent out-of-the-box success rate.

Due to their build quality, appliances stand up to the daily rigours of large and small workplaces and commercial premises. It’s not unusual for a correctly maintained Borg & Overström water dispenser to still be going strong after ten years.

Durable finishes

All Borg & Overström water dispensers have durable finishes, such as Fynil®. This scratch and impact resistant epoxy-resin resists biofilm development and limescale cohesion for increased hygiene and longevity.

Durability was an important consideration when we redesigned our under-counter system. The ProCore™ unit is more compact than previous models and fitted with the greener R290 gas. Combined with the colour-coated GreenCoat® steel construction, it’s both sustainable and durable.

Point-of-use dispensers only

Historically, plastic waste has gone hand-in-hand with hydration, so we’re dedicated to changing the mindset of the industry and end-users. We began by committing to point-of-use water dispensers by ceasing the manufacture of bottle-fed reservoir enabled water coolers.

Plastic waste reduction

In 2017, the B4 set the standard for responsible hydration with its tall dispense area to accommodate personal drinking bottles. Refilling a bottle throughout the year saves 80 disposable bottles from entering the environment.

We also promote a range of other reusable drinking vessels, including biodegradable cups and glass bottles. Combined with taller dispense areas, we aim to encourage the reduction of single-use plastics at the point of dispense.

Responsible waste management

In 2018 Borg & Overström launched new-look packaging made using materials from sustainable sources. Products are packed in the smallest boxes possible, which customers can recycle on-site.

We’ve also eliminated unnecessary waste from the assembly line by working with suppliers to replace single-use boxes with reusable transit crates. Furthermore, Borg & Overström HQ where our products are made is landfill-free.

In January 2022 we removed all Fluorinated gases from our products. All appliances now use the greener R290 or R600 refrigerant gases.

Carbon footprint reduction

Our HQ also produces all the energy we need via solar to run our office and warehouses. It has PIR lighting throughout, which automatically turns lights on or off as needed.

Work is ongoing to bring the supply chain closer to home, reducing our carbon footprint further. Suppliers are carefully selected for their location, shared company values, and sustainable development practices.

ISO 14001 certified

At the heart of our design and operational philosophy is a shared passion for protecting the source of pure water. But improving, changing, and adapting our products and business practices is an ongoing challenge.

Our practices are certified to ISO 14001 standards for Environment Management Systems. But, our ambition is to go further and to take more distributors and end-users on the journey with us.

Our drinking water dispensers are available through selected partners